Best Commercial BBQ Sauce

For every contest we enter we always make our own BBQ sauce, but when I am just cooking around the house there is one commercial BBQ sauce I use more than any other.

And it’s Blues Hog BBQ Sauce

You can get all the generic BBQ sauces from your grocery store… but if you want to try a REAL bbq sauce developed by a competition BBQ team, I recommend trying this one. I even know a few BBQ team that use this sauce instead of making their own…

Aside from my own sauce, this is one of my favorites. You can order through – it’s worth giving it a try!

There are two different kinds Blues Hog Original and Blues Hog Tennessee Red The original is a basic BBQ sauce and The Tennessee Red is a vinegary spicy sweet sauce. Both are great sauces!

I’m working on putting together a review of all the sauces and rubs that I have tried over the summer. Most were developed by competition BBQ teams. Some were great and some were only ok… but I always at least try a sauce or a rub that is put out by a bbq cooking team.

Malcom Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ

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