Biff’s First Review: “10 Bones manages to beat the expectations of even the savviest barbecue customers (and by that, I mean myself).”

I’m a critical, fastidious and well-educated man. So when I go to any BBQ restaurant I am always comparing it to competition BBQ. And I thought 10 Bones’ BBQ joint was pretty damn good.

I dropped in last Saturday afternoon while I was in-town visiting family, and 10 Bones left us licking our fingers and HOLLERING for more.

We started out with a sausage and cheese plate that hit the spot. The sausage is high-quality and it was grilled to sizzling perfection along with a nice dusting of the tasty rub…. just like I like it. Of course, the cheese wasn’t all that remarkable, but the succulent sausage more than made up for it.

Then we tried a full slab of ribs, a pulled pork sandwich and barbecue nachos. The ribs were slap-yo-momma good! They were sooo tender and they had a rich, delectable smoke flavor (which is hard to come by in a high-volume restaurant setting).

I can think of but a few Memphis-area restaurants that can hang with 10 Bones in the rib department. (and if your thinking that Rendezvous is one of them, then I pitty you because you’ve never had really good BBQ).
Surprisingly, I do have a but one small complaint. I did find myself looking around the table for some strong sauce selections.

10 Bones’ two flagship sauce flavors—sweet and spicy—are passable, but they really don’t keep pace with the high quality of the meat. With the right sauce, 10 Bones’ full slab would approach divine (and they’re almost already there).

The pulled pork and barbecue nachos were also very well done—there was not a crumb left on either plate, so the proof was in the porking (that’s funny). But it’s tough to be the star of the show with 10 Bones’ ribs on the table.

I’ll definitely be back.

Hear that 10 Bones? Ya’ll be ready.

Deacon Biff Riffen

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BBQ Nacos

Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ Fries

10 Bones BBQ

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