The Killer Hogs BBQ Team

If you have ever competed in competition BBQ, you KNOW that one man can’t do it all… especially the big contests like Memphis In May.

And I am lucky enough to have a great team. These guys show up to every contest, they work their asses off right along side me and my brother, Waylon… and they really make it all possible.

This year at Memphis In May, our team really showed up. And that is why I gotta give these guys the recognition they deserve….

The main man Tate

My main man Collins is with us at every contest. He is the backbone of the team. He is there for practice, cleaning smokers… And at MIM this year he was there everyday, stayed all night Friday, THEN went home Saturday morning, took a shower and came right back for judging. He knows everything there is to know – and you have probably seen him in a lot of our videos and pictures. He just might be the hardest working man in BBQ.

Damon worked his ass off this year. He was always there helping me, Waylon and Collins and just getting stuff done! He lost a lot of sleep during MIM making sure everything was lined out.

Kevin is an original Killer Hog. He has been on the team since we first started… and this is one man that loves BBQ! He celebrated his birthday at MIM, but still was working hard cooking and bar tending and networking – and he might have even lined up a new sponsor for us for next year.

Eddie is the man with the plan. He gets stuff done. And somehow even finds time to go the extra mile. I don’t think he knows how to do anything half-ass.

Dr. Griff flies in special for our BBQ’s, keeps us in line and makes sure we are always on our game. Besides being out head taste-tester… he works to plot our world domination in the off-season.

Shane is always a big help – doing whatever it takes. He will always jump-in and do the hard work… even when no one else wants to.

Shak-tastic keeps the good times going and party liquer flowin’. He always jumps-in wherever needed from pulling butts to giving business advice. And he can always help you cut the sleeves off your Killer Hogs t-shirts – if you are so inclined.

And we couldn’t do it without Ben Pickle. He is our resident crawfish specialist and provides the moral support we need to get through those late nights. And one thing about Pickle is that he NEVER misses a Sunday clean-up!

Joey is a newcomer, but he has the secret BBQ bean recipe (he won’t even share it with me)! And he is always willing to help out.

And to all the other guys that come out, work hard and show us support… we couldn’t do it without you. It sure as hell wouldn’t be as much fun if we did!

Thanks for all your hard work this year!

Malcom Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ Team
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