August 30, 2012

Got a great question today…

Hey Malcom ! I appreciate all your valuable info you’ve given me from your website to the newsletters !!!

I do have a question for you though regarding your pork turn in box. You’ve stated that some judges like both pulled and sliced pork and you turn in both.

My question is what’s your method for the sliced pork?

Thanks again for your help and time; you’ve certainly helped me to become a better cook!

I’ve seen some teams out there actually take an electric knife and slice their butts – like it’s a turkey or a roast. But I’m not crazy about that, but I know a lot of teams out west and in Texas do it (it’s a regional thing).

When we turn in “sliced pork” it comes from the “money muscle” section of the butt.  It’s the large muscle on the end opposite the bone.  You can cut the muscle from the butt and then carefully slice it into 1 1/2″ pieces. (I’ve got a video and pictures about how to find the money muscle here).

 It can be a little tricky because the meat is incredibly tender.  Use a sharp knife and make smooth strokes.  The temp on the these butts is a around 190 when we slice them.
In a contest the rest of the butt is not used because it’s not a tender as a butt that has been taken to 198-200 degrees.
Once you slice the muscle off the rules don’t allow you to return it to the cooker for additional cooking.  We cook 2 sometimes even 4 butts, so we have plenty of meat to choose from.  This allows us to take the money muscle off the best butt.
And thanks Matt  for the question!
Malcom Reed
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  1. Nicholas Garza says:

    Always helpful and good information. You have responded to many of my emails and I always read the newsletters and blogs. Are you considering teaching a class? With how much help you give on your websites I would be glad to pay to get more first hand knowledge.

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