September 13, 2012

Me and DivaQ

This past weekend we had a great, local contest. It was in Millington, TN at the International Goat Days Festival. This is our second time to cook this contest and I will definitely be back next year. And yes, they did have a Cabrito cooking contest as a Goat parade too.

There was a lot going on at this one…

We had a KCBS judge cooking with us to get her Master Judge certification and we had  Diva Q right next door to us (and she brought her own film crew too).

Plus we had a storm, rain and a 10+ degree drop in temperature overnight… which is great for being outside, but bad for the smokers. So we did have to fight the temps all night.

I’ve got to say, Danielle (Ms. DivaQ herself) was incredibly nice… and she knows her barbecue. Right now she is on a “BBQ Crawl” where she is traveling across the country, eating BBQ at some of the best places and cooking contests every weekend.  Just living the dream… 

We had a pretty good day with a top 10 call in every category and a 4th place finish overall.  I always want the GC, but you can’t complain too much with those results.

This weekend we are heading to Pine Bluff, AR for the Smoke On The Water KCBS contest. We had originally planned to head to Tunica for the big Smokin’ Aces MBN contest – which is one that I love (and it’s got a pretty big payout). We’ve made finals at Tunica the last 2 year in a row, but with the Royal coming up we decided to hit Pine Bluff and use that as another tune-up for the Big Show!

Wish us luck!

Malcom Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ Cooking Team
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