How To Set Up A Charcoal Grill For Smoking

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but I use my Weber Kettle grill more than any other smoker I own.

I’ve owned at least three 22.5” Webers over the years and I imagine that there will always be one sitting on my patio. The Weber Kettle is my go-to grill for quick and easy cooking. In a matter of minutes I can have a chimney of charcoal glowing hot and ready to cook and the Weber never lets me down.

The Weber is great for general grilling and with the addition of a good set of grill grates you can turn out restaurant quality steaks, but today I want to share with you how I set the Weber Kettle up for indirect smoking.


With this set up you can smoke just about anything on the Weber as long as it fits on the rack above the drip pan.

Malcom Reed

Killer Hogs BBQ Cooking Team
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  1. Love your videos. Your food is amazing.
    Can you please tell me what you used to heat the briskets in please. That looked like a great simple device to use.

    Thank you and keep up the great videos.

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  2. What brand pellets do you use in your pellet smokers. I have a Traeger and have used B&B and Traeger pellets and get absolutely no smoke flavor in the meat. I do follow the Traeger instructions for smoking. I also have a Weber 22″ and am wondering how many wood chunks to use for ribs? I appreciate your input on these two points. Thanx.

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      Those pellets are good – just need to get more smoke on it. If you put the meat on while the cooker is low and let the meat stay on the cooker while it comes up to temp you will get more smoke. And you can also keep the temp lower for a longer amount of time to get more smoke flavor.

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