Smoker Temperature Control - Controlling Smoker Temp Tips

Smoker Temperature Control

Smoker Temperature Control – Controlling Smoker Temp Tips

How to control your smoker temperature when your smoking and cooking barbecue.

Simple tips and information about how to control the air flow into your smoker – and how that effects your smoker and your cooking process.

Regardless of what type of smoker or grill you use, these tips will improve your ability to control your smoker temps.

Malcom Reed
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Smoker Temperature Control

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  1. Malcom,

    Thanks for all the great info. The one that answers question about pit temperature was very helpful. Up here in the cold north the outside air temp can raise cane with temps. Just another thing to practice up on. I use a wind shield to protect the pit from cold winter winds. I cook out on the grill and smoker in “almost” all weather. Thanks again looking forward to more recipes from you. Those Memphis Ribs are the best!!

    Tom Albrecht
    Greenfield, Wisconsin

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  2. Malcom, I’m a disabled veteran who loves to bbq. I have really learned a lot from you. Thank you for your videos, recipes, and advice. Hopefully one day I can have a real smoker and even a good thermometer…lol but you have taught me how to use with what I’ve got. When brisket reaches the stall point do you recommend wrapping it in foil? Thank you sir.
    SGT. T

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