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Smoking With Wood Tips – How to Choose the Right Wood for Smoking Meat

Smoking With Wood Tips

There are different types of wood to use for smoking bbq. I like to choose a seasoned wood chunk.

When I use charcoal as a heat source I like a seasoned wood chunk for flavor. When cooking on a stick burner, use a seasoned wood split for smoking.

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Smoking With Wood Tips

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  1. Hi Malcolm,

    Love your videos. When it comes to grilling, I use your recipes exclusively. I have a question about smoking woods. Some say to soak the wood before using it on the coals. I notice you use dry wood in your cooks. What are you thoughts on soaking wood chunks before the smoke?

    Jerry F.

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  2. I always soaked the wood chips, but never the wood chunks. Now I won’t soak the chips any more. Thanks for the tip.

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      It all depends on your smoker – you add it as needed. When your fire burns out you add new charcoal as needed and you add new wood as needed to keep that light, blue smoke.

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