Smoked Rib Tips

Smoked Rib Tip Recipe

Smoked Rib Tips

This week I cooked 2 slabs of St Louis Cut ribs, but since I trimmed them myself I had the rib tips left over. So I shot a quick video for Smoked Rib Tips.

For smoking rib tips, I start by cutting the rib tips into 2-3 inch pieces. Then I season them with Killer Hogs AP Rub and Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub, but you can use any BBQ Rub or combination you like here.

I fire up my smoker to 250 with some light wood smoke. You can use any grill or smoker for this, you just want to hold the temps steady at 250 through this entire cook.

Smoked Rib Tips

For the first part of this cook, I smoke the rib tips for 3-4 hours. You want the rib tips to start getting tender and have a nice color on the outside.

Then I toss the rib tips in sauce and place them back on the smoker for another hour to finish cooking and let the sauce caramelize.

Smoked Rib Tips

You’ll know the rib tips are done when they are tender and the sauce is baked on. Then you just serve with a little sauce on the side and enjoy!

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Smoked Rib Tips

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      On the pellet smoker, you roll a constant, light smoke the entire time. But it’s all up to your personal preference on the type of wood – fruit woods are always a good choice.

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