Killer Hogs tent at The American Royal

It was our first time ever to cook the largest BBQ competition in the world, The American Royal held at the lovely Kemper arena in Kansas City.

And we had a great time. It was an experience like no other. This contest is really something you have to see. Between the 500 PLUS bbq teams, to the live bands set-up inside everyone’s tents to the fireworks at night…

We cooked in both the invitational and the open. In the invitational we cooked against 154 teams – and all of these teams have won a GC this year in order to compete in this contest, so your cooking against the best of the best. In the open, we had 525 teams.

standing in line to turn-in boxes

I remember thinking on Friday afternoon that there was no other place in the world I’d rather be than right in the middle of the best teams in the world cooking for a shot in BBQ history.

So, of course we shot a lot of video to document our trip. Most of it I’ll post on my blog…

On Thursday Morning – on the way to the Royal

And this is a recap of Friday. Friday night was a little crazy because we had live bands right behind us, a crowd of people coming through – all the while we’re trying to compete.

You can see the band playing in this video… I’m pretty sure those guys hated us by the end of the night. We gave them hell…

And on Saturday morning…

We didn’t have much luck in the invitational. But it fired us up and made us get really serious for the open on Sunday.

And we heard our name called on Sunday in the open. 5th Place Pork.

5th place pork

We’re already making plans to get back next year.

Malcom Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ Cooking Team
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