With every BBQ contest, there is a list of supplies that you are going to need to cook. Most of these supplies are equipment that you will buy once and use over and over again… and the rest is stuff that everyone has to buy for each BBQ contest they cook.

I created a PDF of the supply checklist I use to make sure we have everything we need before heading out to any BBQ Competition.

I just added this supply checklist to my website and you can check it out by clicking the link below…

Competition BBQ Supply Checklist

This list will give you a great idea of what you will need to get started… and can also be helpful when you want to make sure you have everything you need for each contest you are about to cook.

Killer Hogs Competition BBQ Trailer

Our Enclosed Trailer We Take To Competition BBQ Contest and Holds Our BBQ Supplies

And, as always, you can email me with any questions you might have.

Malcom Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ Team
Email me at Malcom@killerhogs.com

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I am Malcom Reed and my brother, Waylon, and I are the Killer Hogs competition bbq team. Here at HowtoBBQright.com, I want to give you my secrets, methods and techniques you need to produce competition-quality BBQ. I want to give enough detail for BBQ novices, but still offer information that is useful for the professional BBQ cooks. I only focus on REAL bbq. And I take it seriously.

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