This weekend we are finally cooking again. I’ve only gotten to cook 2 contests this year so far… and I have been itching to do another one.

I think I would compete every weekend if I could find enough contests within driving distance!

This weekend we are heading to Ashland, Ms to cook the Mississippi SpringFest contest.

Last I heard, there were 36 BBQ teams competing in this contest… so it’s a pretty good size.

The only problem is there are no hotels in the city of Ashland (or anywhere within 35 minutes), so we’re going to be catching a few hours in the trailer or in a tent. And no showers… I’m used to no sleep, but that Saturday morning shower is one thing I really look forward to. But as long as I’m getting to BBQ, I’m sure I’ll live.

All in all, it looks to be a pretty good contest. I’m picking up the ribs from the butcher today, picking out my chicken and butts and I already have my Snake River Farm brisket in the fridge.

If your cooking at Ashland this weekend – Good Luck!

Malcom Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ Cooking Team
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