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Pork Turn-In Box

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Got a great question today… Hey Malcom ! I appreciate all your valuable info you’ve given me from your website to the newsletters !!! I do have a question for you though regarding your pork turn in box. You’ve stated that some judges like both pulled and sliced pork and you turn in both. My […]

August 30, 2012

How To Freeze and Reheat BBQ

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I just got a question about freezing BBQ and I thought I’d share. Can pulled pork be frozen? Do you just thaw it out or put it in hot water? And about how long will it keep? As much BBQ as I cook at competitions, I am constantly freezing BBQ. It’s perfect to save for […]

August 15, 2012

Cooking a Beef Brisket – the biggest questions…

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I love talking BBQ. And I’m always willing to share what I’ve learned over the years, mostly because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for a bunch of folks helping me out and answering my questions. But in the past few weeks, I’ve gotten some really great questions on cooking brisket. […]

July 12, 2012

Cooking Chicken at KCBS Contest

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I had a great question today: my problem is chicken I do it just like everyone else in a pan with parkay and broth skin side down. Brine in kosmos chicken soak. Bub-ba-q sauce. Then box. I literally take it off the smoker straight too box. Would I have a better chance with legs? Or […]

June 12, 2012

The Money Muscle… and all the other sections of a Pork Butt

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Several people have asked me “where is the money muscle?” and “where do I pull the turn-in meat from a pork butt?” So I decided to take a few pictures – and shoot a short video – to explain where the money muscle in pork butts really are. These cross sections pictures will help you […]

April 30, 2012