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Apple Cobbler

Apple Cobbler on the Grill

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Apple Cobbler When you’re firing up your smoker this summer, don’t forget the desserts. Here’s my go-to recipe for a quick and tasty Apple Cobbler made right on the pit. All you need are fresh apples and a few basic ingredients you probably have in the kitchen, and you’ll have a dessert ready for any […]

June 2, 2017
pork picnic

Smoked Pork Picnic Recipe

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Smoked Pork Picnic The Whole Pork Shoulder is comprised of two parts the upper half commonly known as the “butt” portion and the lower half called the Pork Picnic. This cut is often overlooked in the bbq world because there’s more meat on the Butt portion but don’t count the Pork Picnic Shoulder out. It […]

May 26, 2017

Smoked Lemon Pepper Pork Loin

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Smoked Lemon Pepper Pork Loin This Smoked Lemon Pepper Pork Loin recipe makes an excellent summer-time sandwich. I start with a 5lb piece of center cut pork loin; you can find these at any grocery store. First remove the excess silver skin and drizzle the outside with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Season with coarse ground […]

May 15, 2017
smoked brisket tacos

Smoked Brisket Tacos

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Smoked Brisket Tacos Why go out for tacos when you can make the best ones at home? I know you typically find brisket sliced along with the standard BBQ sides, but trust me once you’ve had a Smoked Brisket Tacos, you’ll fall in love! For this recipe you’ll need a whole packer brisket. I picked […]

May 4, 2017
margarita recipe

Killer Margarita Recipe Blog

Margarita Recipe One of my favorite drinks to enjoy is a Margarita. But a lot of people make margaritas that are either too sweet or too sour. This can leave you with a little heart-burn type feeling that I hate. And it’s all because of that store-bough mix. To make a perfect margarita, it’s not […]

May 4, 2017