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grilled mahi mahi

Honey Lime Grilled Mahi Mahi

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I have to admit that when I hear fish the first thing that comes to mind is Fried Catfish. In the south Fried Catfish is a staple and my home state of Mississippi is known world-wide for producing the best grain fed catfish in the world. But we also know a little something about cooking […]

September 12, 2013
cedar plank grilled salmon

Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon

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When cooking salmon I’ve found it best to buy fresh filets when possible. Frozen salmon just tends to be too fishy for my taste. This week I caught fresh salmon on sale at Kroger for 4.99 per lb, so I bought one whole filet weighing about 2 lbs. For this recipe I cut the filet […]

June 28, 2013
grilled shrimp

Spicy Grilled Shrimp Recipe

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If you like grilled shrimp, you have to give this recipe a try.  It’s quick and easy. 1/3 cup Louisiana Hot Sauce 1/3 cup canola oil 1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce 2 cloves garlic minced 1 handful cilantro, roughly chopped, plus more for garnish 1 tsp sugar Salt black pepper 4 TBS Butter melted Juice of […]

June 13, 2013
fried catfish

The Catfish King

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Some competitions have ancillary contests on Friday night. They do seafood, desserts, exotic… but this past weekend in Columbus, MS at Grilling on the River there was a Catfish contest. And since they were giving you the Mississippi-grown catfish to cook with when you entered, I couldn’t pass this one up because the best pond-raised […]

April 17, 2013