KCBS Competition BBQ Cooking Timeline

This is a Competition BBQ Cooking Timeline I have used when cooking KCBS Contests. You can take my timeline and use it as a good foundation to build your own.

It’s crucial to have a game plan and a timeline when cooking competition bbq. I always plan out my cook times and have created a guide that I take with me to every KCBS cook.

Here’s a Competition BBQ Cooking Timeline that I use as a solid guide for all my KCBS BBQ Competitions:

Click HERE to Print PDF of KCBS Competition BBQ Cooking Timeline

KCBS Competition BBQ Cooking Timeline
9:00 AMMeat InspectionMeat InspectionMeat InspectionMeat Inspection
10:00 AMMarinate and place in cooler
1:30 PMInject/Rub and place in coolerInject/Rub and place in cooler
5:00 PMCooks Meeting – Pick up Blind BoxesCooks Meeting – Pick up Blind BoxesCooks Meeting – Pick up Blind BoxesCooks Meeting – Pick up Blind Boxes
11:00 PMFire Up Smokers for PorkFire Up Smokers for Brisket
12:00 AMRemove Meat from coolers bring to outside temp and reapply rubRemove Meat from coolers bring to outside temp and reapply rub
1:00 AMPlace on Smoker
2:00 AMPlace on Smoker
3:30 AMBasteBaste
6:00 AMRemove Meat from cooler – Start Fire In Rib CookerWrap in FoilWrap in Foil
7:00 AMApply Dry Rub to Ribs
8:00 AMRemove from cooler & marinadePlace on Smoker
8:45 AMStart Fire In chicken smoker1st Baste Ribs
9:00 AMApply Dry RubWhen Brisket hits 195 internal, Remove  from Smoker, Vent & Place in Dry Cooler
9:30 AM2nd Baste Ribs
9:45 AMChicken on Smoker
10:00 AMWrap Ribs and return to smokerWhen Pork hits 195 internal, Remove from Smoker, Vent, & Place in Dry Cooler
10:45 AMBaste Chicken
11:30 AMGlaze ChickenCheck Ribs for TendernessUnwrap Butts, Return to Smoker, Glaze
11:50 AMRemove Chicken and Build blind BoxGlaze Ribs
12:00 PMTurn in ChickenGlazeSeparate Point/Flat – Flat Back in Cooler – Cut Burnt Ends, Sauce, Place on Smoker
12:15 PMBuild Blind Box
12:30 PMTurn in Ribs
12:45 PM Remove Butts from Smoker and Build Blind Box
1:00 PMTurn in PorkCheck  Burnt Ends for tenderness, remove if ready
1:15 PMBuild Brisket Box
1:30 PMTurn in Brisket
1:35 PM                         Drink a Cold Beer

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