Competition BBQ Supply Checklist

If you want to cook competition BBQ, then get ready to get some supplies because there is a lot of equipment that you need for each competition BBQ contest.

Everything from your grills and your smokers to the garnish you need for your turn-in box. For us, it usually takes several totes to get it all. And with this Competition BBQ Supply Checklist, you will have a good idea of where to get started.

And after you do a few contests, you start to realize what you need – and what you don’t. You will be able to create your own Competition BBQ Supply Checklist.

This is a basic Competition BBQ Supply Checklist of equipment and items I need for each contest.

This Competition BBQ Supply Checklist is what I use to keep myself organized and to ensure that I don’t forget anything.

With each BBQ competition you will need different things depending on the weather (jackets when it’s cold and a good fan when it’s hot), the sanctioning body (in MBN you need decorations for on-site judging) and your own personal preference.

But this Competition BBQ Supply Checklist will give you a good idea of what it takes to compete in competition BBQ.

Competition BBQ Supply Checklist

Supplies To Buy:
□ Large Aluminum Pans
□ Small Aluminum Pans
□ Heavy Duty Alum. Foil
□ White Cleaning Rags
□ Heavy Duty Garbage Can Liners
□ Latex Gloves
□ Hand Sanitizer
□ Sweet Onions 10 lb bag
□ Paper Towels
□ 2.5 Gallon Ziplock Bags
□ Bottled Water/Gatorade/Drinks
□ Charcoal/Wood
□ Cooking Spray
□ Mustard
□ Apple Juice
□ Parsley
□ Lettuce
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
Make/Buy for Cooking:
□ Rub
□ Injection
□ Sauce
□ Baste
□ Marinade
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
Optional Supplies:
□ Red Solo Cups
□ Plates
□ Eating Utensils
□ Buns
□ Squeeze Bottles for BBQ Sauce
□ Chips
□ Snacks
□ Plastic Table Covers
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ Smokers, Smoker Grates, Grills, etc.
□ Cleaning Supplies: Greased Lightning, WD-40,
        Bleach Cleaner, Hand/Dish Soap
□ Coolers for meat, drinks and dry cooler
□ Cambro
□ Cutting Board
□ Extension Cords
□ Fire Extinguisher
□ Charcoal Chimney
□ Welding gloves
□ White Glove Liners
□ Weed Burner with propane bottle
□ Portable Work Light (2)
□ Knife Box: Knives, Aim-a-Flame, Meat
        Thermometers, Whisk, Scissors, Small Injector
□ Knife Sharpener
□ Electric Knife
□ Chairs
□ Folding Tables
□ (4) 2″x16″ PVP Pipes to elevate folding tables
□ Tool Box: Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Hammer,
        Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Bungee Cords,
        Ratchet Strap, Staple Gun, Staples
□ Tongs, Grill Tools, Spatula
□ Garbage Can
□ Ash Bucket
□ Ash Shovel
□ Aprons
□ Water Hose and Spray Nozzle
         (with water hose splitter)
□ Rub Shakers
□ Injector
□ Spray Bottle
□ Baste Mop
□ Baste Bucket/Cup
□ Pop-Up Tents (at least 2)
□ Tent Stakes or Weights
□ BBQ Team Sign/Banners
□ First Aid Kit: Band-Aids, Antiseptic Wipes,
        Sting Kill™, Aleve, BC Powder, Tums,
        Insect Repellent
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________
□ _______________


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Supply Checklist For Competition BBQ Events

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