Trimming/Butchering A Whole Hog

step-by-step instructions on how to trim and butcher a whole hog before slow-smoking

How to trim a whole hog before smoking.

It is essential to trim to make sure that the meat is exposed and the smoke and rub can penetrate your BBQ.

Taking the time to trim your hog will be the hardest step – but once you get it done… you will have an easier job during the cooking process and quality of your BBQ meat will be at the competition level.

And I don’t know about you, but every time I cook BBQ – either at a contest or in my own backyard – I want to make sure I get the best BBQ meat possible.

trim whole hog

These hog trimming videos were actually shot all at a contest where we won 1st place in Whole Hog.

You will need a few tools to butcher your whole hog properly:

  • Extra sharp boning knife
  • Electric saw for cutting the legs, head and ribs
  • Small hatchet for splitting the backbone

hog trimming tools

Once you have these tools, you can use these videos as a guide on exactly how you want to trim a whole hog.

This is the competition-style way… which is a little more in-depth that your average backyard BBQer will follow, but this method will give your meat maximum smoke penetration, it will help to ensure the pig cooks evenly, and it will give you the best quality product.

Video 1 - using a saw to cut the back bone and the ribs

Video 2 - cleaning out the cavity to expose the bacon, the shoulder and the ribs for maximum flavor and smoke penetration

Video 3 - trimming and removing all the trash and exposing the "prime real estate" in the whole hog

Video 4 - removing the ribs to prevent them from over-cooking and exposing the loin

Video 5 - making pockets in cavity to get rub to penetrate all the meat and create the perfect whole hog bark

Video 6 - once you have one side of the hog complete, you simply repeat the steps on the opposite side

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