Brenau BBQ Championship

This past weekend I judged an MBN contest in Gainesville, GA called the Brenau BBQ Championship. It was a great little contest for anyone interested in competing in it next year, I highly recommend it. I am even considering it myself for next year.

Brenau Barbecue and Banjos BBQ Contest

The campus was nice, the people were friendly and the contest was small… but it still paid really big. The total pay-out was over $12,000 total with Grand winning $4,000. Not bad for a weekend’s BBQ.

Jack’s Old South was there as well as Yazoo Delta Q and several other great teams. Yazoo won Grand… they are on a streak right now.

If you haven’t judged a BBQ contest, then I highly recommend it – even if you are just a backyard BBQ’er, it will give you a great look at how competition BBQ really tastes… and I promise you will learn something.

You can become a BBQ judge by contacting KCBS or MBN directly… they both offer judges schools you can take and start judging.

I did see a couple of cool smokers while we were there – of course, they are unpractical as hell… but still cool…

Rooster Smoker

Rooster Smoker

GA Bulldog Smoker

GA Bulldog Smoker

The team that had these smokers was Tuff Dog Grillers, but I couldn’t find any website for them.

Malcom Reed

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