Why Your BBQ Is Not Consistent

I have cooked competition BBQ for over 10 years. I have experimented with every process and procedure under the sun and I have perfected my methods… but there is one factor in BBQ that you simply cannot plan for… The Quality of Your Meat The biggest factor in BBQ is the meat. If you have a bad cut of meat, then no amount of award-winning sauce or smoke ring penetration is going to save you.
Choose The Best Cut Of Meat

Always find the best cut of meat

But it’s hard to pick out a perfect cut of meat because everything from what that animal ate to how much stress he was under when he was harvested will affect the quality. Unless you are growing the animals yourself, it is really out of your hands. I know you have probably cooked 2 slabs of ribs the exact same way… and one will turn-out perfect and one will turn-out way too tough. Why does this happen? Because every cut of meat cooks differently. You can’t plan for it; you just have to be able to make adjustments as you cook. Even if I am just BBQing in my own back-yard, I still want the best quality BBQ possible. This is why I am constantly evacuating the meat during all stages of the cooking process. I make sure to pick the best possible cut of meat at the meat counter… I want all my cuts to be about the same size and weight (so they cook evenly). I want every piece of meat I buy to be as fresh as possible (this is why it pays to find a butcher). There are a few little tips your can follow to choosing the best cut of meat, but you can never judge how a piece of meat will cook when you are buying it. You have to understand how the meat cooks to be able to judge when a butt, a slab or a brisket is going to need a little more – or a little less time during each stage of the cooking process.
a few slabs of ribs on the smoker

Perfect Slabs Of Ribs On The BBQ Smoker

If I have a tough slab of ribs, or if I have a shoulder that just won’t begin to break-down… I can make the changes I have to make to produce quality BBQ consistently every time. You just have to keep an eye out so you always know how your BBQ is cooking and be prepared to make adjustments. If you want more tips on choosing the perfect cut of meat, or if you want my personal procedures, visit my website www.howtobbqright.com And remember, you can always send me an email at [email protected] Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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