Building My Own Ugly Drum Smoker

My UDS Project:

I’ve been wanting a small smoker that I can fire up quick and keep on my back patio. After doing some research, I decided to build a UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker). Paul “The Pickled Pig” from Has a great forum post on how to build one of these smokers. You can find his How to Post here:

Most of the parts I’ve found at Home Depot and Tractor Supply. The Drum I’m using is a 55 gallon refurbished drum. I found it for $26 at Drumco in Memphis, TN. I’m looking for a welder to fabricate the fire basket right now. So far I’ve only talked to one guy and he was on the expensive side for what I was neeeding done. My goal is to keep the cost down as much as possible. I plan to document my build and can’t wait to start working on cooking techniques for the UDS.

I’m ready to get it completed and cook a brisket on it.

Doesn’t a brisket sound good?

It does to me.

Malcom Reed
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