Memphis In May Results

We had a great year this year… our lunch catering went great. We meet a lot of new people and a lot of our friends finaled.

3 different Ms. USAs

We finished 14th in shoulder, and we were pretty happy about that. Don’t get me wrong… we wanted to grand the whole thing (and we won’t keep trying until we do). But out of that many teams… we were happy with our 14th place.

The Killer Hogs

One of the teams we are great friends with, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, made finals this year. They were on top of the world – and we were pretty happy for them. They got on stage and finished 2nd in shoulders. So a big congrats goes out to those guys!

BCBC on stage accepting 2nd place Memphis In May Shoulders

Here are the rest of the results: 2011 Grand Champion- Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Results by category Whole Hog 1. Yazoo’s Delta 2. 10 Bones BBQ 3. Fatback Collective 4. Jack’s Old South 5. Hogapalooza 6. The SHed BBQ & Blues Joint 7. Slap Jo Mama BBQ Cooking Team 8. Bryce Boar Blazers 9. Party Q 10. Carolina Traveler Shoulder 1. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q 2. Brown Chicken Brown Cow 3. Planet Barbecue, Inc 4. Red Hot Smokers 5. City Hogs 6. Simple Q 7. Ubon’s Barbecue of Yazoo 8. Sweet Swine O’Mine 9. Ranucci’s Big Butt BBQ 10. The People’s Republic of Swina Rib 1. Bubba Grills 2. Slabs A’ Smokin 3. Quesin’ Altitude 4. Caddilac Grillz 5. Twyford BBQ & Catering 6. Cotton Patch Cooking Crew 7. Porkstars 8. The Other Team 9. Porkosaurus 10. Oinkin’ On The River Patio Porkers 1. Fat Side Up 2. The Bastey Boys 3. Dirty Hogs 4. Lip Smackin’ Que

Waiting to hear results at the awards show

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