Cleaning Your Smoker Can’t Get Any Easier!

Cleaning my smoker is no easy task…

I don’t like to use any chemicals or cleaners on the inside of my smoker, I want to keep that “seasoning”. But I will get a paint scraper and use it to knock any big pieces off on the inside… but that’s about it.

But I do like to keep the metal racks clean. And I pull these racks out and clean them every few cooks.

And since I cook on my smokers just about every weekend, this can become a big task. But I found something that WORKS…

Go to your nearest Dollar Tree and buy Totally Awesome Degreaser. This stuff is only $1 a bottle and it’s bad news.

For the racks I use a large Water Heater Drain pan (Lowe’s $20) Place the racks inside, squirt each one down with the Totally Awesome, fill with water until the racks are covered, and let them soak for 3-4 hours. All you have to do is put on a pair of gloves, lift them out of the soak and hose off. Everything will come right off with no scrubbing.

As for my cookers, before I’m going to a Big Contest or Catering Event, I will spray the outside down with Totally Awesome and rub it down. But I gotta warn ya… this stuff took some of the pain off my Ole Hickory, so move fast and watch out.

Now I always rinse and “burn” the racks before I put any meat on them. After rinsing them real good I get them back on the smoker, start a fire and bring the cooker up to 300 degrees for about an hour – and then your ready for another load of meat or some on-site judging.

Give the Totally Awesome a try, you can’t beat the price and it works. .

Malcom Reed
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