I’m ready to cook! KCBS Contest in Ashland, MS

This weekend we are finally cooking again. I’ve only gotten to cook 2 contests this year so far… and I have been itching to do another one. I think I would compete every weekend if I could find enough contests within driving distance! This weekend we are heading to Ashland, Ms to cook the Mississippi SpringFest contest. Last I heard, there were 36 BBQ teams competing in this contest… so it’s a pretty good size. The only problem is there are no hotels in the city of Ashland (or anywhere within 35 minutes), so we’re going to be catching a few hours in the trailer or in a tent. And no showers… I’m used to no sleep, but that Saturday morning shower is one thing I really look forward to. But as long as I’m getting to BBQ, I’m sure I’ll live. All in all, it looks to be a pretty good contest. I’m picking up the ribs from the butcher today, picking out my chicken and butts and I already have my Snake River Farm brisket in the fridge. If your cooking at Ashland this weekend – Good Luck! Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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One response to “I’m ready to cook! KCBS Contest in Ashland, MS”

  1. Barry Spencer says:

    Thanks for the comps. It makes anyone feel good to do well, it makes them feel even better to be recognized by a peer who is both respected and admired.
    Yes we are looking for a new contest but my partner in crime is having back problems, so he will have to heal up first.

    Again, Thank you for all that you do,
    The Sultan’s of Smoke
    Barry & KC

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