The Jack Draw

In just a few hours, The Jack Daniel’s Invitational BBQ Contest finds out who’s going to be competing there this year. Because today is the day of “The Jack Draw”

There are only a few ways you can score an invitation to the Jack…

“To qualify for entry, these teams must win a state championship with at least 25 teams or a competition of 50 teams, or win one of the premiere barbecue competitions that qualify a team for an automatic berth.”

But just because you win a state championship doesn’t mean you got a spot… they take every GC winner, put their names in a barrel and actually have a “draw” – choosing one from each state.

Going to The Jack is a really big deal… and so is the “draw”.

People actually drive to Lynchburg and watch them draw the team names. I found this video from BBQTV that shows exactly how it’s done.

Today, we’ve got 2 chances of hitting the draw. But it’s really a long shot for us.

This is one of those contests I’ve been wanting to cook for years – just like everyone cooking BBQ competitively – so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Malcom Reed
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