Curing My Own Bacon

Curing and smoking a fresh side of bacon is on my to do list for the next few weeks. I like to use a maple brown sugar cure and soak the fresh pork belly for 4 days. Once it comes out of the brine it needs to to sit and air dry for 30-45 minutes. Then it’s ready for the smoke. I run my smoker at 140 degrees with apple wood and it usually takes about 6 hours. I slice it on an electric slicer and vacuum seal it for the freezer. I’m going to create a video and a full recipe for smoking fresh bacon – so be on the look out for that! Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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8 responses to “Curing My Own Bacon”

  1. Tom O'Dette says:

    When are you going to make the curing and smoking fresh bacon video? …nudge

  2. DanBlevins says:

    I had 1/2 of a pork belly after making burnt ends. So I made bacon, I had enough belly to fill 2 one gal bags. My mix was 1/2 cup salt & brown sugar & maple syrup it made a slurry. Put belly’s in bags rubbed 1/2 slurry on each. The next seven days turned them over every day. Then ran water over them paper towel them and set in frig for 12 hrs. Fired up my CC low smoke with applewood pellets when they reach 150 off and in to frig 12hr. Sliced and vacuum packed what a treat. It would be nice to have meat to salt to sugar ratio?
    Thank for your videos Dan

  3. James Rader says:

    Malcom love your videos learned a lot of things and I’ve done a lot of things my family really like the barbecue that I put out I have learned and I have done making a couple times instead of using regular salt I like to use the pink Himalayan salt it really works good and really helps on the color of the bacon look forward to watching your videos and keeping up on things you’ve been a lot of help thank you Malcom

  4. Ronald Friesen says:

    Anxiously waiting for for curing recipe. Thanks for all that you do

  5. Terry says:

    Do you have the video/recipe for curing and smoking bacon? I was unable to find it on your YouTube page.


  6. andrew Denaro says:

    hey Malcom, did this video/recipe ever get made available?

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