Smoking an Easter Ham

wanna talk about good eatin’? Then let’s talk smoked ham.

Every easter I smoke our holiday ham – and usually end up smoking several more for other friends and family too. There is just no beating the flavor you get when you smoke a ham vs. cooking it in the oven.

When I refer to ham I’m not talking about a “green ham” (one that’s not cured). I’m actually referring to a sugar cured ham that you can find in most all grocery stores – especially around the holidays. If you smoked a “green ham” it will turn out more like BBQ or pulled pork… and that is not what you want for your Holiday Ham.

You can get a spiral-cut, a shank or butt portion or even a whole… they all can be cooked the same way and come out with amazing flavor.

a few sprial cut hams on the smoker gettin’ good!

I’ve got an entire recipe that walks you through the steps here on my website >> How To Slow-Smoke a Holiday Ham

This is a very easy recipe that anyone can turn out. So if your looking to impress the in-laws this year – fire up the smoker and get yo’self a ham!

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  1. The link for this ham isn’t working… I made this holiday ham on Easter and am making it again today, I went to double check the cook time/temp and it keeps going to how to smoke a honeybaked ham instead of the holiday ham

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