Product Review: Mr Grill Heat Resistant Gloves

As a professional BBQ’er, I’m always looking for new BBQ products to make my life easier.  More often than not, these products are too good to be true, but occasionally I come across something that I want to include in my assortment of cooking equipment. This leads me to the product I’m reviewing today:  Mr. Grill Heat Resistant Gloves. These go for about $35.97 a pair. You can check them out here >>  Right out of the box I noticed that these gloves were extremely lighter than the welding gloves I’m currently using around my pits; also some reviews claim that they are small. Being a man of stature I have larger hands, and I had no problem whatsoever wearing these gloves.  In fact they fit better than the welding gloves. These gloves claim to withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees, so I put them to the test by picking up a few of the items that I cook with on a regular basis. From the video you can see that my hands were perfectly safe.  A raging hot charcoal chimney can be very dangerous if you don’t have proper protection, and I was able to pick it up with no problems.  I even placed my hand directly on the metal just to see if the gloves could take the heat.  The Mr. Grill gloves passed with flying colors! Not only do these gloves protect your hands but they are functional.  Bulky gloves make it impossible to use your fingers but with Mr. Grill gloves you can pick up small objects and not have to worry about getting burnt. You can check out their website here:

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3 responses to “Product Review: Mr Grill Heat Resistant Gloves”

  1. BBQ Gloves says:

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  2. steve todd says:

    HI Malcom,

    love your videos. I am trying to find the gloves you use to handle food off the grill. they look like they have good dexterity and seem to handle briskets etc with relative ease. I have the heavy duty gloves to handle grill grates etc but they arent made to handle food. can you help me please?

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