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Finding The Right BBQ Butcher

Finding The Right BBQ Butcher

It’s really important to find a good bbq butcher you can depend on – especially for your backyard and competition bbq needs. When your smoking and grilling bbq, you want to use best meat so you’r finished product will be way better than average BBQ. When I’m cooking at home for practice or just for fun, I don’t mind using meat from a store such as Sam’s or Costco. When its competition time and Money is on the line, I always rely on my bbq butcher. I use a local butcher that I’ve built a relationship with because he has a direct line to premium cuts of meat that I can’t find at a Sams or Costco etc… I’ve found that it helps to start a general search in your local area by phone book, internet, etc. Then I go out and visit these shops. The first thing I look for is cleanliness. I’ve walked into some shops that wreak and have a sloppy freezers and meat boxes. This is an immediate Red Flag that the proprietor doesn’t care about his customer or product. I want the freshest product available not something that has been in a smelly cooler with who knows what. I make a point to talk to the owner. Most of these shops are individually owned and the person ordering, cutting, and selling the meat is one in the same. First I explain to the butcher what I’m looking for, be it Fresh Boston Butts or C.A.B. Brisket, or Contest Cut Ribs. I make sure that he understands that I’m looking for Quality Meat not a “deal”.

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7 responses to “Finding The Right BBQ Butcher”

  1. Vicki Bonner Ward says:

    I want to know a local butcher in the Montgomery, Alabama area.

  2. Curry Perkins says:

    I’ve heard you mentions a couple of places online that you recommended on your YouTube channel but I don’t remember the name. Can you share that here for everyone?


  3. You made a good point that visiting the shop itself to ensure cleanliness would be a good way to choose my butcher. I would like to have a food truck business someday and I’d like barbecues to be part of the menu. As such I would only want the best pieces of pork I can locally acquire.

  4. This weekend, my family and I decided to have a barbecue party in the yard. Thanks for the tips on how to spot a good meat for barbecue in a butcher shop. Since I am looking for a good sirloin part, I agree with what you said that discussing my desired part to the butcher can increase the chance of getting a quality meat.

  5. I didn’t realize that a butcher has access to special cuts of meat that other grocery stores don’t have access to. My husband is wanting to smoke some meat for an event that we are hosting. He wants to make sure the meat is on point. I will have to mention to him that it may be a good idea to reach out to a butcher.

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