Honey Smoked Turkey Breast Recipe, Beef Ribs and Malcom’s Top 10 Albums

HowToBBQRight Podcast Season 3: Episode 10

Honey Smoked Turkey Breast Recipe, Beef Ribs and Malcom’s Top 10 Albums

Malcom talks his “Honey Baked” knock-off Turkey Breast, all the cooking we’ve been doing this week and the music that influenced Malcom’s life… This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about how Malcom recreated the “Honey Baked” turkey breast on the pellet cooker (2:22), where he sourced breasts that big (3:02), and why he loves that crunchy glaze (8:02) and what he would do differently with his Honey Smoked Turkey Breast (13:28). Then we talk about our Delicious Dinner of Grilled Chicken and Roasted Vegetables (15:19), the baby pork butt he cooked on the drum (17:51), his grilled breakfast quesadillas (19:55) and wings 3 ways (23:12). Then we talk about the Beef Ribs we saved from the freezer (32:18), why these ribs make giving up meat impossible (34:36), and the stuffed venison backstrap recipe he tested out (36:25). Then we talked about Malcom’s tribute to John Prine (40:07) and went over the 10 albums that influence Malcom’s life (42:54).  

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We started HowToBBQRight in 2007. We didn’t know what we were doing… but Malcom loved to cook BBQ and I knew just enough about designing a website to build one. Now we sell our own line of Killer Hogs BBQ Products and create weekly recipes for our HowToBBQRight YouTube Channel and website – and now we’re doing a Podcast! To us, it’s all about cooking delicious food and taking pride in everything we cook.  

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3 responses to “Honey Smoked Turkey Breast Recipe, Beef Ribs and Malcom’s Top 10 Albums”

  1. Shaun Hearmon says:

    G’day Malcolm from Australia,
    My name is Shaun and I’m a big fan of your YouTube channel. I was wondering, in Australia we use a lot of lamb. It doesn’t seem to be as popular in America but I’d love to see what you do with it. How you flavour it. What sort of rubs you would use as it can be a lot fattier than pork or beef. I could tell you stories about how I use lamb in my smoker but We love what you do from here in Oz and your passion for BBQ. Look forward to hopefully seeing some lamb cooks in the future.
    Take care mate,

  2. john sullivan says:

    Smoked my first picnic shoulder last week. followed your recipe and gave it a 10!!!
    How can i send you a photo?
    John Sullivan

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