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Brisket "Burnt Ends" Recipe

Burnt Ends are considered a delicacy in the BBQ world. They are pieces of the brisket's point, cut into chunks, sauced, re-seasoned and placed back on the smoker until they are melt-in-your-mouth tender.

bbq brisket burnt ends in sauce

When I cook brisket at competition, I like to have a full hour to create my "burnt ends" once the brisket is cooked. Click here for my complete Beef Brisket-cooking method.

First, I take the brisket off the smoker and separate the flat and point.

I place the flat back in the foil and tent it to keep it as warm as possible.

Then I cut the point into burnt ends, toss them in the sauce, and place on the smoker. Just before turn-in time, I take the flat out of the foil and slice it.

To make the sauce, use 1 cup of bbq sauce mixed with 3 TBS of the au jus from the large aluminum pan. brisket burnt ends after being smoked

Coat the burnt in pieces gently with this sauce and place back in the smoker for an hour (uncovered).

Cut the brisket into the desired slices and place the slices in a small pan. In the pan you canmix 1 cup of the au jus and 1 cup of bbq sauce. This will keep the slices moist and add flavor to them.

The flat never goes back on the smoker; it stays in the foil staying moist and warm as long as possible. Putting it back in the smoker will dry it out fast.

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