Thanks for purchasing a BDI Injector! Here you will find everything you need to know about your BDI Injector. This video walks you through the assembly, maintenance and care of your BDI Injector. The BDI Injector is an all-in-one injector for Whole Hog, Shoulders, Butts, Brisket, and Chicken the BDI has you covered.

A few things to know about your BDI Injector:

– You will need to give your injector one, big squeeze to unlock it. -Watch the video above to see how to assemble your injector and how to prime your injector before each use. –  Don’t take your injector apart. Opening the cylinder tube will tear the felt oring and you will need to replace it with a 1mm X 12.5mm rubber oring. For directions on how to replace the oring, watch the repair video below. – Make sure your injection is strained before drawing any fluid into the injector. Even small particles may cause clogs which can damage the injector. We recommend using a wire mesh strainer on all injections prior to use. – The BDI is designed to deliver a range of doses. Simply turn the selector switch to the amount you want to draw but do not press the handle while selecting the amount. Doing so may cause damage to the injector. – To properly clean the device we suggest using warm, soapy water for the outside. Rinse with clean and towel dry. For internal cleaning use warm water and draw through the injector until all traces of the injection liquid is cleared.  

How To Replace The Oring On Your BDI Injector

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