Big Shot Meat Injector

THE MEAT INJECTOR for Barbecue and Grilling


  • Give your injector one big squeeze to unlock it.
  • Never take your injector apart. Trust us on this, just don’t do it… It will never be the same.
  • Small particles can cause clogs or damage. Heat to fully dissolve seasonings and use a mesh strainer.
  • Clean the Big Shot immediately after each use. It makes cleaning easier and increases the life of the injector.
    • For the outside: wash gently with warm, soapy water, rinse with clean water and towel dry.
    • For the inside: draw water through the injector until all traces of the injection liquid is cleared. You can  also add 2oz of white vinegar or lemon juice to – just run another glass of clean water through for a  final rinse.


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