BBQ Chicken & Waffles

BBQ Chicken & Waffles

BBQ Chicken & Waffles Recipe In the south Chicken & Waffless is a staple. This dish can be found on Sunday brunch menus and also makes a great late night snack after a good night of partying! Traditionally the chicken is fried and the waffles are your ordinary variety; but I want to share with you my version of BBQ …

BBQ Chicken Videos

I practiced my BBQ chicken recipe last weekend – getting ready for some up-coming KCBS contests – and I recorded the entire process. I tried out a few new rubs and sauces and just tweaked the times and the recipes. Check out these How To BBQ Chicken videos at my website by clicking the link… The Smoking Guns rub …

My Best BBQ Chicken Recipe

There are lots of ways to BBQ chicken – and I have tried them all – but this is the best BBQ chicken recipe I have ever ate or entered into a contest.