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Smoked Boston Butt Recipe



  1. Remove Boston Butt from Packaging and pat dry with paper towel to remove moisture.
  2. Apply mustard to the outside of Boston Butt and coat all sides with Hot BBQ Rub.
  3. Prepare Drum smoker or other bbq grill for indirect smoking at 275⁰.
  4. Place 1 chunk of Hickory wood, 1 chunk of Cherry wood, and 2 Sweet Onion quarters directly on coals.
  5. Center Boston Butt on cooking rack and smoke for 3 hours or until desired color is reached. Combine Red Wine Vinegar and Water in a spray bottle and spritz butt every hour during smoking process.
  6. Wrap Boston Butt in 2-3 layers of aluminum foil. Apply a light coat of rub and baste before closing foil.
  7. Continue to cook Boston Butt until internal temperature of 198⁰ is reached.
  8. Unwrap Boston Butt and transfer to wire rack. Glaze* outside of butt and return to smoker for 15 minutes.
  9. Rest Boston Butt for 20 minutes before pulling. Use hands and shred Boston Butt into bite size strands, remove any fat, and serve immediately or store in zip lock bag for 3-4 days in refrigerator.

Apricot BBQ Glaze

  1. 12oz Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce
  2. 4oz Apricot Preserves
  3. 4oz Honey
  4. 4oz Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pot over Medium heat until mixtures smooths about 5-10 minutes.
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