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Smoked Picanha


Picanha Steak seasoned and smoked over charcoal on a drum smoker



  1. Prepare Drum smoker or other pit for indirect cooking at 275°F
  2. Remove picanha roast from packaging and trim away sinew or silver skin from the meat side.  Score the fat side using a sharp knife: make shallow cuts across the fat in one direction spacing the cuts about 1” apart; then make the same shallow cuts in the opposite direction.
  3. Season the picanha with TX Rub on all sides.
  4. Place it on the pit fat side down and insert a probe thermometer into the thickest portion to monitor internal temp.  
  5. Remove from the pit once the internal temperature reaches 122-125°F 
  6. Rest the picanha loosely covered in foil for 10-15 before slicing against the grain.

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