Variety Club 2012 – Reserve Grand Champions

Reserve Grand Champion at Variety Club in Memphis, TN We’ve really had a great year. I give all the credit to The BBQ Rub. (gotta get in at least one shameless plug). This past weekend we cooked at The Variety Club BBQ Bash in Memphis, TN. This is a really great contest that we’ve been cooking for several years now. Usually it’s unbearably hot – but this year the weather gave us a break and we had beautiful 75 – 80 degree temps all weekend. You can’t beat that in June. Plus, we had great neighbors with DoRagQ on one side and Smoke Sense on the other. And just as a side note… If you’ve got a kid, Variety Club has one of the best Kid’s Cooks – and make sure that every kid who participates gets a prize. Not just a trophy but some of the kids get bikes, they give toys and all kinds of other stuff. It’s definitely a contest to keep on your radar if you live close and want to introduce your kid to BBQ. There were a total of 50 teams who competed this past weekend… and some stiff competition. River City Rub, Fire Dancer BBQ, Swiggin’ Pig, Warren Co. Pork Choppers, Bar-B-Q 101, DoRagQ… just to name a few. And we ended up with 1st place Chicken, 2nd place Pork, 6th place Brisket and Reserve Grand Champion. Not a bad day… I gotta give a big congratulations to Swiggin’ Pig for taking the Grand. This is their second Grand of the year, they also took the GC over in Huntsville, AL a few weeks back… so these boys are on a roll. Right now, we’re not sure where our next contest will be. Still debating on if we are going to pick one up this weekend. Once that bug bites, it’s hard to ignore it… Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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