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Welcome to the HowToBBQRight Podcast with Malcom & Rachelle Reed. Here we talk all about our weekly YouTube recipes, what we’re grilling at the house, tips and tricks for grilling and our competition BBQ contests.

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Malcom Style Ribs, Delicious Dinners, Picanha with Chimichurri and a Breakfast Burger – Season 3: Episode 9

Malcom talks about his own Malcom Style Ribs, all our quarantine cooking and our Mexican Restaurant plans

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we start talk about Malcom’s meat addiction (0:40). Then we talk about Malcom Style Ribs (2:50), why he loves ribs cooked on a drum (7:34), onions on the fire (11:40), basting ribs with just water (16:45) and we discuss “Muddy Ribs” (20:36). Then we talk about our first Delicious Dinners recipe (28:30), Grilled Chicken and Sausage Pasta Jambalaya (28:57). We had fun on #STAYINCOOKOUT (32:43) and Malcom talked about his delicious Breakfast Burger (34:22) and how he cooked the best Picanha on the PK Grill (37:27). Then we talked about Malcom’s post-quarantine Mexican plans (46:40) and creating recipes for Pollo Tapatio (47:42) and a Grande Gringo Molcajete (48:58). Then we talk about all the different types of rib recipes Malcom has (49:41) and our Easter Cooking Plans (54:37).

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Carne Asada Gringo Style & Quarantine Cooking – Season 3: Episode 8

Malcom talks about his Gringo Carne Asada, The Tiger King, Malcom’s new Side Chick and what we’re cooking during Quarantine

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom talks about the one thing that has been on his mind lately… The Tiger King (0:58). Then we talk about grilling Carne Asada (3:08), the importance of the marinade (5:00), why he chose the Weber Grill to cook carne asada (8:32) and how he grilled the veggies (11:08). Malcom talks about his new Side Chick (16:43). Then we talk about the Tiger King some more (21:22)… and then we talk about cooking at home (24:43) and using this time to teach kids to cook (31:29). Then we talk about the PK Grills #STAYINCOOKOUT we’ll be doing this weekend – and all those details… (34:01)

Cooking Crawfish & Starting a BBQ YouTube Channel with Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ – Season 3: Episode 7

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we jump right in with Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ and talk about cooking crawfish (1:07), how to source crawfish (5:03), the myth of purging crawfish (7:24), why they boil their pots twice (17:11) and new ideas for crawfish sides (26:02). Then Malcom talks about his mis-adventures in cooking crawfish (35:34) and the old Killer Hogs Crawfish Boils (37:07). Then we ask Mark about starting his own YouTube BBQ Channel this year (42:08), how he learned to become comfortable on camera (45:35), how much work it takes to make a video (51:05) and tips for anyone starting out with their own BBQ YouTube Channel (59:35).

Guinness Flat Iron, Denver Steaks & The Best Butcher Shops – Season 3: Episode 6

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Guinness Flat Iron Steak & Potatoes recipe (3:12), why a Flat Iron makes a great dinner (5:49), how Malcom grills on windy days (9:41) and how to make that delicious Guinness Mushroom Sauce (11:34). Then Malcom talks about how impressed he was with the Butcher Shoppe in Pensacola (21:18), the delicious briskets and tri tips we served up while we were there (22:44) and the amazing Denver Steaks we brought back home (27:55). Then we talk about Butcher Shops (35:28), what surprised us about The Butcher Shoppe in FL (38:03), the local shops we have in the Memphis area (40:06) and making relationships with a butcher (45:45)

Jerk Pork Belly Bites, Weber’s New Pellet Grill and BBQ Season! – Season 3: Episode 5

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk Pork Belly! Malcom really explains just how delicious Jerk Belly Bites really are (2:18), his opinion of the quality of Cheshire Pork (5:19) and the danger of cooking pork belly burnt ends (9:11). Then Malcom brags about finally getting his BBQ trailer (27:39), how impressed he was with Southern Dimension’s shop (29:28) and why it’s such a big deal (37:55). Then we talk about the pros and cons of Weber’s new Pellet Grill, SmokeFire (39:04) and start preparing for BBQ Season!(45:53)

Mississippi PoBoy, Jamaica and Eating while Traveling – Season 3: Episode 4

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about we filmed the Mississippi PoBoy recipe while packing for our trip (1:30), how Malcom screwed up a “Mississippi Pot Roast” the first time (4:09), why the smoker made it sooo good (7:20) and how to make party sliders with this recipe (9:49). Then we talked about Jamaica (20:49), the plan for Jerk Sausage (24:40) and Malcom’s guide to drinking on the beach (27:03). Then we talk about finding unique food while traveling (33:05), who is the best person to ask for local restaurant recommendations (33:27) and Malcom’s favorite travel-inspired recipe (34:10).

Voodoo Chicken Wings, Valentine’s Recipes and New Orleans Food – Season 3: Episode 3

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Mardi Gras inspired recipe, Voodoo Wings (2:10), why he loves using the Vortex for wings (3:34) and how he comes up with delicious sauces (10:23). Then we talk about how things got crazy at our last grilling class (18:40) and the seriously delicious ribeyes and tri tip we served (27:48). Next I brag on Malcom’s Valentine’s Dinner game (34:26) and what to do if you have a vegetarian valentine (37:12). Then we talk about Mardi Gras (38:48) and why Malcom really goes to New Orleans (40:01), where to find the best Chicken Sandwich (44:17), his favorite po’boy (47:05) and the Vietnamese place you have to try if you’re in the Big Easy (52:22).

Jerk Pork Chops and Cooking Authentic Recipes – Season 3: Episode 2

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we jump right in and talk about Malcom’s Jammin’ Jerk Pork Chop recipe (4:25), what gives it those jerk flavors (7:10) and Malcom’s Caribbean retirement plans (14:18). Then we talk about the Santa Maria attachment Malcom used in this video (24:02) and the history of Santa Maria Grills (24:17). Then we talk about Malcom’s Insta-Saturday (28:56). He explains how he cooked his Gold Rush Wings (29:38) and the easiest and most delicious Kansas City Ribs recipe that won the day (33:58). We talked Malcom’s Super Bowl of Jambalaya he cooked on Sunday (39:03). And we debated what makes a recipe “authentic” (45:56).

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich, The Shed Steak Cook & Football Recipes – Season 3: Episode 1

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we talk about what Malcom got for Christmas (0:55), the 2 BBQ Classes we have scheduled in February (3:06) and the ideas Malcom has for his venison recipes (4:50). Then we talked about Malcom’s Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich video (8:36) – we went over the best part of this sandwich (10:41), why that top sirloin looked so marbled (14:18) and what we’d like to ‘sop in that juice (20:56). Then we talked about our first contest of the season, cooking SCA steaks and ribs at The Shed (26:06) and what happens when a contest gives out free beer (27:36). To wrap it up, we talked about Malcom’s plans for this weekend (35:53) and some last-minute recipe ideas for the big game (40:18).

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