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Barbecue Meatloaf Recipe

This is my recipe for bbq meatloaf — meat loaf with a barbecue flare. Here’s what you’ll need for my smoked barbecue meatloaf recipe IMG_0909 – 2lbs Ground Chuck (I used the 80-20) – 1lb Ground Pork – 8oz Bread Crumbs – 2 Eggs – ¼ cup Half and Half – ½ Red Bell Pepper – 5-6 Green Onions – 4 Cloves of Garlic – 1 Rib of Celery – 1 TBS Moore’s Original Marinade – 2 TBS The BBQ Rub. (plus extra for the outside) – Salt & Pepper to taste – 2 Aluminum Loaf Pans – Plastic Wrap First you dice the vegetables then work it in with the ground beef, pork and seasonings. Then crack the two eggs and lightly beat them in a small bowl. Add the half and half to the eggs and whisk with a fork and add it to your mixture. Work these ingredients by hand into the meat and vegetables until everything is combined and divide your meatloaf in half. Then get your smoker to 275 degrees to smoke you barbecue meatloaf. Meatloaf can fall apart pretty easy due to moving it around too much, but to keep this from happening, I place them on one of my pork racks (you can get them here >>. IMG_0926 Spray the rack with cooking spray to keep the meatloaf from sticking and place it over a foil lined baking sheet. Place the baking sheet, pork rack, and meatloaf directly on the cooking grate in the smoker. It will take approximately 2 hours at 275 degrees to get the meatloaf to an internal of 160. After 2 hours it is time to glaze your barbecue meatloaf. IMG_0961 To glaze, just brush on The BBQ Sauce to the top and sides of the meatloaf. It needs about 15 minutes to caramelize on the meatloaf and it’s done. Just like any meat coming off the smoker, give it a rest. IMG_0975 Now you’re ready to eat your Barbecue Smoked Meatloaf. IMG_0995 Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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15 responses to “Barbecue Meatloaf Recipe”

  1. Tim Sergent says:

    Hey Malcom,
    I’ve made this recipe several times and it’s amazing! My girlfriend’s mom and grandmother don’t even like meatloaf and they absolutely loved this recipe. I’m wanting to combine this recipe with your meatloaf mini’s with the bacon wrapping. My question is, would you still cook at 275 degrees as in this recipe or 350 as in the mini’s recipe? Loving your videos and I’m trying to make as many as I can. Keep up the great work!

  2. We just made this amazing meatloaf in our smoker and it was soo dang delicious! We did not have the Moore’s or the BBQ rub so improvised with what we had and followed everything else as written and made 2 loaves. I enjoyed your video too! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I know that if we ever make this to share with our friends and family they will love! Right now we are just talking about how delicious it was with them! Will look into ordering some of the products.

  3. Richard Henderson says:

    Cooked one of the these last night for about the 50th time…so good! Works perfect to devour one the night you throw everything together and vacuum pack/freeze the other one. One thing I do is put a piece of foil on top of the rack, poke a bunch of holes in it and then place the meat loaf on that. The fat renders down to the second piece of foil and hardly any cleanup is required. Thanks for the recipe Malcom!

  4. Sam McCord says:

    Thank you so much Malcom, this was so good my wife loves it! Happy wife happy life!

  5. Eric Nelson says:

    First time cooking this tonight. Best meatloaf ever!

    Thanks Malcom!

  6. John Jankowski says:

    TWO HTBBQR recipes tonight. Smoked meat loaf and Parmesan smoked potatoes – great stuff Malcom.


  7. Jim says:

    I’m going to try this tonight. I’ve done several things from your videos and all have turned out well. I’m new to pellet grill cooking and love trying new things. I did a CremeBolet French toast recipe I found this morning and it was great. Love your videos. They are easier to follow than most others I’ve watched. I’m hooked!

  8. Steve Altman says:

    Made this meatloaf last night for the first time.. Oh my god, fantastic stuff and easy to do. I have never had meatloaf with a smoke ring and now I will never have without. Thanks Malcom.

  9. Stan Sadler says:


  10. Gary W Penrose says:

    Doing these tomm. have allways had good eatins following these recipes.May not have followed to the T but allways turned out good when it went to the table!! Thank You Malcom

  11. Nick D. says:

    Malcom, this recipe turned out absolutely incredible on my Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie. In fact every recipe I have tried of yours has been amazing! Thank you! I need to meet Malcom and talk BBQ his wealth of knowledge would be something I would greatly benefit from!!!!

  12. Jason Anderson says:

    This is one of my favorite recipes. The great thing is you can make changes to it and it still turns out awesome.

  13. Mark Schlesinger says:

    I’ve made this using bison/pork and venison/pork combinations, and they turned out great. Think this would work with a turkey meatloaf?

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