smoked chicken legs Big Green Egg

Smoked Chicken Legs on the Big Green Egg

Smoked Chicken Legs

Smoked Chicken Legs on the grill is a quick and easy cook. Makes for a good dinner – kids love chicken legs!

Or you could do it for a crowd because you can feed a lot of people with smoked chicken legs – and it’s hard to find someone who won’t eat a good drumstick.

I recently found a chicken leg rack at a local butcher. I’ve seen guys turning in chicken legs in competitions and they use this kind of chicken rack and I had to try it out for smoking chicken legs.

I started with a pack of chicken drumsticks from the grocery and layered on two different seasonings. I started with a basic AP rub (4 parts salt, 2 parts granulated garlic and 1 part black pepper) and then applied The BBQ Rub on top of the chicken leg.

Smoked Chicken Legs

Once the chicken legs are seasoned, I just hung them on the chicken rack and placed them on the grill. For these smoked chicken legs, I used my Big Green Egg and set it at 275-300 with 2 chunks of pecan wood.

smoked chicken legs

I let the chicken legs smoke until they hit around 165-170 degrees. It’s going to take a little over an hour to get these chicken legs there. Then I mixed a glaze for my chicken legs by using 18oz Killer Hog’s The BBQ Sauce and 2oz pineapple juice. I dunked each chicken leg and placed it back on the chicken leg grill rack so the glaze can set.

smoked chicken legs

It will take between 10-15 minutes for the chicken legs to reach a final internal temp of 175 and for the glaze to set.

smoked chicken legs

I remove the whole chicken leg grill rack and take it inside – allowing the smoked legs to cool for 10 minutes.

smoked chicken legs

Once the chicken legs are cooled, remove them from the rack and serve! You can’t beat these sticky, sweet, juicy and delicious smoked chicken legs – everyone loves them.

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smoked chicken legs

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      When it comes to smoked chicken, it’s hard to get crispy skin. I try to shoot for soft “melt in your mouth” skin… and I get that by cranking up the heat closer to 300 for the cook so it renders the fat properly.

      1. Malcom – Did you think the skin was “bite-through” enough for the judges? Seems like a lot easier than the thighs and going to practice them this weekend…

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  1. Love this site. Thank you for sharing. Following your advice I have been successful in all my smoking too date. Even have my neighbors asking if I will smoke items for them.

  2. Good God Malcom,

    I got an XL Green Egg a few weeks back, and I tried this recipe , but I didn’t have the leg rack you have.

    It was probably my 3rd smoked/slow cooked thing I did on it, and hands down it was the best chicken I’ve had in my LIFE. Everyone in my family who had it, wanted me to make this again!!!

    Subscribed for LIFE!!

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