Charcoal: Briquette vs Lump – Choosing the Right Charcoal for Grilling and Smoking

Charcoal: Briquette vs Lump

Briquette Charcoal vs Lump Charcoal – When to use the right charcoal for smoking and grilling. When to use lump charcoal and when to use briquette charcoal. I like to use different charcoal for different grills. I also like to use different charcoal for smoking and when I am grilling. I talk about the differences in charcoal and charcoal tips. Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here Charcoal: Briquette vs Lump

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  1. Malcolm,
    I feel like I waste charcoal/coal when smoking. I have an offset smoker and I think the temp might be harder to control. Still, for a long smoke, like for a brisket, what quantity of charcoal might a person expect to use?

    Thanks – Tim

  2. Hey Malcom,

    I’m a beginner for smoking meat. So I was wondering what do you recommend for decent charcoal smoker to start with?

  3. Hi Malcom my name is Tim Harper. I started Competing in the Georgia barbecue association events last year. I did six or seven events and never placed last in any of them . So for the first time cooker I guess that was pretty good ; I guess my question is none of those guys are willing to help me with a flavor profile .I can understand that because I’m competing against them ;could you give me some advice on what to use for injection. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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