Smoker Temperature Control - Controlling Smoker Temp Tips

Smoker Temperature Control

Smoker Temperature Control – Controlling Smoker Temp Tips

How to control your smoker temperature when your smoking and cooking barbecue. Simple tips and information about how to control the air flow into your smoker – and how that effects your smoker and your cooking process. Regardless of what type of smoker or grill you use, these tips will improve your ability to control your smoker temps. Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here Smoker Temperature Control

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30 responses to “Smoker Temperature Control”

  1. Tom Albrecht says:


    Thanks for all the great info. The one that answers question about pit temperature was very helpful. Up here in the cold north the outside air temp can raise cane with temps. Just another thing to practice up on. I use a wind shield to protect the pit from cold winter winds. I cook out on the grill and smoker in “almost” all weather. Thanks again looking forward to more recipes from you. Those Memphis Ribs are the best!!

    Tom Albrecht
    Greenfield, Wisconsin

  2. John A. Milton says:

    How do you know what the temperature is in your pit?

  3. Ren T says:

    Malcom, I’m a disabled veteran who loves to bbq. I have really learned a lot from you. Thank you for your videos, recipes, and advice. Hopefully one day I can have a real smoker and even a good thermometer…lol but you have taught me how to use with what I’ve got. When brisket reaches the stall point do you recommend wrapping it in foil? Thank you sir.
    SGT. T

  4. Dean Wilson says:

    Hey Malcom,
    Will the white butcher paper work as well as the red? I can’t seem to find it…

  5. JACK COOL says:

    You can get red butcher paper from AMAZON.

  6. Nancy Johnston says:

    Thanks, Malcom sharing this good information about the smoker. You also attached the best video. This video gives the best info practically. I need information about best pellet smoker for the money. Thanks again.

  7. Jeff Waite says:

    I have found Malcom’s videos to be an excellent resource in taking my BBQ smoker skills to the next level. Your ideas and recommendations work and even though I have been cooking for years I continue to learn a lot. Thanks for making these instructions available and I appreciate your passion to this great southern pastime!

  8. sam davies says:

    Hi Malcom – inspired by your videos I got myself a monolith kamado grill. Currently halfway through smoking my first pieces of meat, 2 whole chickens. Do you have any tips to lower temperature in the pit? finding it very easy to come up to temp but harder to lower once I am too hot.

    thanks in advance
    Sam D

  9. DAN says:

    Malcome what size vortex for the Large By Green Egg?

  10. John says:

    Malcom when I add unlit charcoal to my smoker in the middle of a smoke. I am getting a good quantity of white smoke after I add unlit briquettes until they are lit. I have the air intake/exhaust wide open but am concerned that this is hurting my meat.
    Is this normal? If not is there something I can do to fix it? Switching to lump charcoal, lighting the briquettes before adding to the fire box, etc?


    • Malcom Reed says:

      you can always preburn the charcoal then add the hot coals to the fire. You’ll end up burning way more charcoal in the long run but it will fix the smoke problem.

  11. Loyd says:

    I have watched several of your videos. I have a stand up box smoker. I am getting better at regulating the temp in the smoker. I am still having problem with the meat temp. It stalls out and never really gets to the 195 temp. So the shoulder is brought in and finished in the slow cooker. I can not figure how to get the temperature correct. Smoker runs between 225 and 250.

  12. Ray says:

    On all of your videos I don’t see you putting lighter fluid on your charcoal. Is it not necessary?

  13. darren says:

    Hi – please forgive the dumbness of this question but i just don’t get it… I have a weber kettle. on the lid the temp gauge is on one side and the exhaust is opposite. When i set up a two zone with wood chucks on the coals i have the exhaust over the meat on the cool side so the heat comes up and takes the smoke over the meat and up out the exhaust. trouble is when i do that the temp gauge is directly over the coals which gives an inaccurate reading because in is over direct heat and where the meat is is much cooler – what am i missing ??? apologies again for this dumb question !!!

    • Brian says:

      Darren, I have the same grill/smoker. I have purchased a Bluetooth thermometer, Grill Eye, that has probes you can clamp to the grill grates and insert into food. I usually clamp one probe about 2” away from the meat and I feel like it gives an accurate grate temp.

  14. Melissa Diaz says:

    Awesome info on how to control the temp when smoking. Thank you

  15. Jason Fitterer says:

    Malcom – Long time watcher here.
    Question: I notice that you only add a small amount of wood to your charcoal once you start the smoke process. I find myself using 12″ to 16″ split logs for my smoke. Am I over doing it?
    Also, once you wrap, what fuel are you using to keep the smoker to temp? Charcoal, wood, etc.?

  16. John Minkin says:

    Malcom, I am using pecan chips in my Pit Boss propane smoker, do you recommend soaking the chips or not? Also do you ever use the water pan?

  17. John Minkin says:

    Malcom, do you recommend soaking wood chips for smoking and do you use the water pan? Thanks

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