Pork Steaks and Malcom’s Best Drink Recipes

HowToBBQRight Podcast Season 3: Episode 27

Pork Steaks and Malcom’s Best Drink Recipes

Malcom talks about cooking Pork Steaks and shares his favorite drink recipes and the stories behind the booze.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about cooking wild game sausage (5:33) and the proper way to thaw meat (11:35).

Then Malcom has a serious discussion about Pork Steaks (12:50), how you can void your Ole Hickory Warranty (17:50) and cooking Pork Steak at a steak contest (23:00).

Then we talk about hosting Booze and Shrimp Day (27:10) and Malcom shares his recipe (and stories) for his Bloody Mary Recipe (29:58), Mojito (37:18), Mississippi Mule (40:32), Cousin Eddie Reed’s BullFrog (42:21), Chell’s favorite Jack & Ginger (45:40), Flaming Dr Peppers (46:54), Tequila Sunrise (50:35), Walk Me Down (53:36), Malcom’s Rum Punch (55:11) and Margaritas (57:41).


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  1. Robert Younce says:

    Where can I find these great Drink Recipe’s any chance of adding to the HTBBQR app?

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