Thermapen MK4

Thermoworks Mk4 Thermapen Review

You can check out this new Thermapen Mk4 here >> Just got the new Thermapen. I had been using Chell’s pink Thermapen at the house since mine is living in the BBQ trailer now, so I figured that was a good enough excuse to get this new one. Same price – right at 100 bucks – but this new one has a few new cool features that are nice to have.
  • The display will rotate  based on how you are holding the Thermapen
  • It has automatic sleep & wake modes
  • Backlight senses when it’s dark and need to come on
  • It’s waterproof up to IP67 – not exactly sure what that is but I wouldn’t submerge it in anything.
  • 3,000 hour battery life using a AAA Battery
  • Same as always – it has the 3-second readings
You can get the details and order your own Thermapen Mk4 here >> 

Aside from a smoker, a Thermapen is the must-have piece of BBQ equipment for pitmasters. It will change the way you cook.

thermapen mk4

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