How to build a UDS – Ugly Drum Smoker

Ugly Drum Smoker in action I built my own UDS last summer. And I liked it so much I built 2 more. Right now one is in my backyard, one is on the BBQ trailer and one my buddy borrowed. I finally put all my plans on how I built my UDS – along with the CADD drawing Waylon did for me – on the website. UDS Smoker Build – Plans and Pictures. I think it is the best >$200 smoker anyone can have. It’s perfect for the backyard. And they smoke great meat if you know how to use them. These things burn hot for a long time. After I cooked a couple butts on mine, I let it keep rolling – just to see how long it would burn. I got tired of keeping up with it at the 18 hour mark. The challenge with cooking on these trash can smokers is the direct smoke your meat is getting. It can overpower anything – especially chicken. But once you figure out how to pull back on the reigns of these drum smokers, you have a really efficient and highly effective cooker. And with the fire pan built the way it is, the coals are really easy to clean. You can see the CADD drawing here. UDS Fire Pan I’ve learned the hard way – the trick to these dudes is to keep the air flow limited and keep the wood to a minimum…. and play with it a few times before you cook something important. But the best part about a UDS is that it will last forever because there is really nothing to tear up. And I love that about it. I did buy a Weber kettle cover to keep the top from rusting – other than that its been a no-maintenance smoking machine. Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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  1. […] I also have a few UDS smokers for the backyard (I highly recommend a UDS because they are cheap, practically indestructible and once you learn how to use them – highly efficient  You can find out more about UDS Smokers here) […]

  2. […] Now, I have always cooked brisket low and slow… but I’ve been reading a lot about people cooking Hot & Fast on a Ugly Drum Smoker. So I had to try it out! you can get my plans to build your own Ugly Drum Smoker here >> […]


    Malcom! Bless you and your family. Love your videos and love the knowledge I’ve learned from you.
    I’m trying to find a price on your drum smoker Incase I get one for Christmas!
    Can you send a good price ?
    Thank you sir !

  4. Daniel Wood says:

    I recently got a gateway drum for Christmas. And I was wondering do I need to put something in the bottom to catch the grease drippings for easy clean?

  5. James Bost says:

    Hey Malcom, you have literally saved me. My wife isn’t able to cook much anymore and I’m one of your biggest fans.I have cooked over 36 of your recipes and I can’t believe how great everything tastes. My son is a huge fan too. One question is why don’t you ever smoke on a Weber Smokey Mountain? Just curious. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  6. Douglas A Rice says:

    Hey sir, I was trying to get a plan for building that UDS and none of the links you have posted work? I really appreciate it if you could possibly send me the plans and such for the building of this? My email is ricedoug69@ . I appreciate your help and time in this sir and luv your videos as I’ve made a few of them and changed some stuff up and have to say it’s been some of the best food I’ve made, so thank you for sharing your cooks with us backyard BBQ’n lovers!
    Douglas A Rice

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