Mississippi PoBoy

Mississippi PoBoy Recipe

Mississippi PoBoy Recipe

I’m not exactly sure of the exact origins of the Mississippi Pot Roast but it’s been floating around the internet for years. Typically it’s prepared in a slow cooker and served over mashed potatoes or rice. This dish is a crock pot staple in the South, but I’m putting my spin on it by cooking it out on the smoker and serving it up in a big ole sandwich I call The Mississippi Poboy! This recipe starts with a Certified Angus Beef chuck roast I found at a local grocery store. The Certified Angus Beef brand is well marbled with fat which means it taste better, and is just a higher quality of beef. If you see it in your local grocery store I highly recommend giving it a try. The chuck roast I bought weighed just a little over 2lbs. Mississippi PoBoy The first step is to get some color on the outside of the roast. The original recipe calls for browning the meat in a large pan on the stove top but it has way more flavor on the pit. First season the outside with a little salt and pepper. I went with my Killer Hogs TX Brisket Rub but you could use anything you want here. Mississippi PoBoy Now you need a smoker or grill set up for indirect cooking. I fired up my Big Green Egg with Royal Oak lump charcoal; I also added a few chunks of SmokerWood.com cherry wood for smoke flavor. Once the BGE stabilized at 275 degrees it’s ready to cook. Place the seasoned roast on the cooking grate and cook it until the outside has a mahogany color – it’ll take about 2 hours. Mississippi PoBoy Instead of using a crock pot I broke out the original slow cooker – my 5 quart Lodge Dutch Oven. The chuck roast goes into the dutch oven with 1 stick of butter, a packet of Beef Au Jus seasoning mix, 1 packed of Ranch dressing mix, and 6-8 whole pepperoncini peppers (this is the classic MS Pot Roast ingredients). Mississippi PoBoy Mississippi PoBoy Place the lid on the dutch oven and set it on the cooking grate. Continue to cook at 275 degrees until the roast is almost falling apart. The internal temperature will be around 210 degrees but you should feel no resistance when probed (I used a Thermoworks Thermapen). It’ll take about 2 hours to get tender – but check to make sure the roast is fork tender before removing it from the pit. Mississippi PoBoy At this point the roast is ready. Carefully take it out of the dutch oven and shred the meat using two forks. You could serve it over rice or mash potatoes but it makes one heck of a sandwich. Mississippi PoBoy To make my Mississippi PoBoy, take a 12” hoagie roll and split it length wise. Layer slices of White American Cheese on the bottom half of the bread and pile the shredded roast on top. Mississippi PoBoy Drizzle some of the juices left in the dutch oven over the meat and garnish with extra slices of pepperoncini peppers – then you have what I call The Mississippi Poboy! Print
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Mississippi PoBoy

Mississippi PoBoy Recipe


  • 23lb Beef Chuck Roast
  • 2 Tablespoons Killer Hogs TX Brisket Rub
  • 1 Stick Salted Butter
  • 1 packet dry Beef Au Jus mix
  • 1 packet dry Ranch Dressing mix
  • 68 pepperoncini Peppers whole
  • 12” hoagie or sub rolls (use the bread of your choice)
  • 6 slices white American Cheese
  • Sliced pepperoncini peppers for garnish


  1. Prepare Big Green Egg or other smoker for indirect cooking using lump charcoal and chunks of cherry wood for smoke. Smoker temp should be 275 degrees entire cook.
  2. Season the chuck roast with TX Brisket Rub and place on the Big Green Egg for 2 hours.
  3. Place the roast in a 5 quart dutch oven and add butter, Au Jus mix, Ranch Mix, and whole pepperoncini peppers. Cover with the lid and place the dutch oven on the smoker.
  4. Cook the roast until it’s almost falling apart, internal temperature should be around 210 degrees. It will take approximately 2 hours.
  5. Carefully take the roast out of the dutch oven and shred on a cutting board using 2 forks.
  6. Split the hoagie roll and place the cheese slices on the bottom half of the bread. Load the sandwich up with the shredded Chuck Roast and drizzle some of the au jus from the dutch oven over the meat. Top with slices of pepperoncini peppers and cut into serving portions.
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  1. Hey Malcom, I;m new to the site, love it. Catching up on all the old podcasts. My question is, I cook on a WSM, and for long cooks I use the minion method. I have a hard tome getting clean blue smoke that way, any tips?

  2. That was excellent even my wife loved it and that’s unusual. I’m definitely saving that recipe. Keep up the good work!!!

    1. I used pickled pepperoncini. It tasted absolutely fantastic. Only wish I had a bigger pot roast. My family devoured this.

  3. This was everything you said it was, and more. The 2 hour smoke gave the meat a great flavor and light crust. Then 2 hours in the Dutch oven with the gravy & ranch mixes, butter, and peppers really brought it together. I had to share my 3 1/2 pound roast with others so, I used 6-7″ hoagie rolls. WOW. Let me gather my thoughts…

  4. I did this tonight. It came out quite good and honestly better than I expected! The smoke really adds something to this. My chuck roast was 2.75 lbs and I used the entirety of the Au Jus and Ranch packets. This came out just a tad too salty, but not objectionably so. Next time I’ll probably switch to unsalted butter and/or reduce the amount from each packet by 1/4 to 1/2.

    1. Definitely always go unsalted butter when cooking, otherwise you have no real control over salt content. I’ve learned that the hard way

  5. This was very good. I finished it in the crock pot since there wasn’t room on the smoker with other meats on it, and it was fantastic.

    1. I don’t have a Dutch oven, so I’m gonna use a crock pot too. How long did you have it in there and at what setting?

      1. If you don’t have a dutch oven or don’t want to risk putting the wife’s Le Creuset on the smoker, just get an aluminum pan and cover tightly with foil. The results will be the same. Take it to 210 internal (but check it for probe tender) and it should pull like butter…

  6. Made this yesterday and it was really good. Didn’t read the recipe right a d had gotten pork shoulder instead, still turned out great!

  7. Everyone loved it. Smoker then dutch oven in the oven (was a monsoon out there) I felt it came out a little dry. Has anyone else have this problem or have suggestions. Thanks

  8. Malcom,

    Made this tonight and it came out perfect! Everyone loved this and I will be making this one again.
    Thanks for the great recipe!

  9. I made this for my parents and loved it. One question, if I made 2 chuck roasts should I double the ingredients when I put it in the dutch oven. Thanks

  10. Kind of made this. Pork browned in skillet then put in slow cooker. Sandwich then tacos. One week had multiple Tuesdays in it. You know Taco Tuesday’s. Next time we have people over for dinner. This will be it.

  11. I smoked at 275 for 2 hours… didn’t have a Dutch oven so I used a foil pan with top… put back on at 275 for 2 more hours.. IT was 210 and mine didn’t spread. It was amazing but I had to chop it up

  12. This was absolutely amazing!!! My wife and I both loved it. In fact this recipe has replaced one of my favorites the New Orleans po-boy. Thanks for sharing all of your recipes.

  13. Just got my first pellet grill and I have been making some of your recipes. It’s honestly some of the best food I have ever had. This was super easy and super good.

  14. Malcom,

    I made the Mississippi po boys tonight and my wife and I thought they were unbelievable!!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  15. We followed the directions but when the roast temperature measured 210 degrees, the roast was not pull apart tender. So we left it on the grill until the temp was about 215. Then it seemed to pull apart. My question is….the roast seems a bit dry and the juice in the bottom of the pan is all grease and seems to be beef fat….not what I want to put on the roast. Should it be dry? What should I have done differently to have a more moist piece of roast?

  16. Outstanding recipe. Goes great on some home made tortillas also!! Especially the next morning mixed with some scrambled eggs.

  17. I have made this a few times and we just love it. This makes one of the best sandwiches ever!!! My son and I both follow you and love to talk about all of the awesome recipes you share. Keep up the good work my friend.


  18. smokers rolling right now, and i’m already salivating… this is one heck of a recipe… and very easy! nailed it again Malcolm

  19. I am going to make this for a tailgate party.. My questions…
    -do the peppers make the meat too spicy (there will be young children at the party)?
    – does the foil pan approach ( in place of the Dutch Oven) work just as well?
    Thank you

  20. Holy mackerel! Made this, added roasted garlic mayo and slice jalapenos on crusty bread. It was insanely delish! Do not forget to drizzle the sauce into it as well.

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