HowToBBQRight Podcast Season 2

HowToBBQRight Podcast Season 2

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Spiral Smoked Ham and Barbecue Christmas – Season 2: Episode 41

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we quickly reminisce about our first Christmas together (0:54) and then talk about Malcom’s Raspberry Chipotle Ham Recipe (3:50) – different glazes you can use for smoked hams (8:03), why Malcom likes the spiral cut hams so much (11:14) and all Malcom’s different smoked ham recipes (13:55). Then we talk about cooking Prime Rib for Christmas (23:15) and cooking Beef Loin for Malcom’s “loin party” this weekend (26:53) and the Charcuterie Board he’s planning to serve (30:24). Then Malcom talks about how he might win his Fantasy Football season (27:10), his plan for capturing a Christmas Goose (38:18) and we go over the best Christmas Gifts for any cook (39:50).

Texas Turkey Breasts and Most Controversial BBQ Topics – Season 2: Episode 40

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Texas Style Turkey (7:02) what really puts this recipe over the top (14:15) Malcom’s secret ingredient for a killer turkey sandwich (17:08) and how you can use this recipe for smaller turkey breasts – and even chicken (19:38). Then I ask Malcom his opinion on controversial BBQ topics like pellet grills (24:57), electrical smokers (26:29), MSG (38:31), Liquid Smoke (29:26), Grass Fed Beef (30:51), Injecting with Phosphates (34:38), Wrapping with Foil (38:27), Medium Rare (43:18), Burnt Ends (44:57) and why Memphis has the best BBQ (48:02).

Stuffed Smoked Turkey & Smoking Hams & Turkeys for Thanksgiving – Season 2: Episode 39

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk turkeys! First, Malcom explains why he decided to stuff his smoked turkey (4:40), why he always brines his birds (8:55) and how to get the skin crispy as possible (14:59) and why he didn’t use his Yoder for this recipe (18:29). Then Malcom explains why you should always smoke a turkey instead of roasting one (27:51), how you can thaw a turkey in a hurry (32:42) and realistic expectations on crispy turkey skin (37:30). Then Malcom talks about how to properly slice a turkey (40:30), how to keep smoked turkeys from getting too dark (44:50) and how to reheat a smoked turkey (46:16). Then we talk about how easy it is to smoke a ham for the holidays (52:05).

Cajun Turkey Club & Hunting Camp Cooking – Season 2: Episode 38

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Cajun Turkey Club recipe (2:48), where to find a good turkey breast (4:53), how to cook spicy candy bacon (8:30) and some other delicious ideas Malcom has for this sandwich (15:14). Then we talk about Hunting Camp Recipes and Malcom’s go-to deer stew recipe (22:43), Christmas Tree Cakes (26:00) and the weird things we eat with our chili (27:39). Then we talk about a true hunting camp delicacy – fried deer tenderloin (36:36), sausage and biscuits (45:35) and how Malcom makes his deer camp jerky (49:52).

Beef Cheek Tacos, World Food Results and Traeger’s Lawsuit – Season 2: Episode 37

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about delicious beef cheeks (0:50) and how we stole the recipe from Meat Church (3:29) and the hardest part of cooking beef cheeks (6:28). Then Malcom is finally pulling the trigger on his new BBQ trailer from Southern Dimensions (22:40). And we recap our World Foods trip (27:11), what it’s like to cook in Kitchen Stadium (31:05), how we cooked in the Steak final round (37:47) and Malcom’s major award from the NBBQA (44:26). Then get Malcom’s opinion on the Traeger Lawsuit (46:32).

Jack Sirloin Recipe & Jack Daniel’s Contest – Season 2: Episode 36

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Jack Daniel’s Sirloin recipe (1:35), the internal temps for the Sirloin Cut (4:29) and how to smoke a loaded baked potato (5:25). Then we talk with Jeb Delzer from the Jack Daniel’s Distillery (8:04) about our times cooking at “The Jack” (9:05), what’s happening at this year’s event (11:12), the new Jack Daniel’s Apple Whiskey (14:50) and we talk about bungs (21:20). Then I remind Malcom of all his recipes that contain Whiskey (27:24), that time I got a perfect score at The Jack for desserts (34:29) and our plan for The World Food Championships (40:48).

Monterey Chicken Recipe & Recipe Creation – Season 2: Episode 35

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about killing it at the Sports Book in Tunica last weekend (1:04). Then we talked about the Monterey Chicken recipe (8:58) how you can get creative with this recipe (10:22) and how Malcom wants to turn it into a Monterey Chicken sandwich (13:36). Then I ask Malcom all about how he develops a new recipe (23:01). The #1 rule of recipe creation (29:50), why it’s important to label your notes (34:19) and how many hours a week Malcom thinks about cooking recipes (40:09).

Bonafide Ribeye Sandwich & Two Zone Cooking – Season 2: Episode 34

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about cooking a backyard contest in our hometown (4:08) how Mark from Swine Life BBQ cooked the best lamb for an exotic turn-in (6:36) and why Heath Riles’ ribs were stolen (11:50). Then we talked about Malcom’s Bonafide Ribeye Sandwich (14:08), why he thinks it’s the best sandwich he’s ever had (16:20), the hair pick he used to tenderize (17:45) and all the different sandwich recipe ideas he has now (22:39). Then we talk about two zone fires (35:05), setting a two zone with a gas grill (38:32) and how we cooked our old “spinner” competition chicken on the weber (44:23).

Dual BBQ Contests & BBQ Trailers – Season 2: Episode 33

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we with Heath Riles from Heath Riles BBQ about dual contests (2:15) and what it takes to cook an MBN and a KCBS contest on the same day (4:20). Then Heath talks about cooking a competition hog (8:58) and walks through his competition chicken leg method (21:55). Then we talk about Heath’s new trailer (31:25) and we talk about how long Malcom has had his BBQ trailer (29:08). Then we talk about buying a used trailer (45:55) and why BBQ trailers are so important when your cooking comps (47:45).

Brown Sugar Chipotle Flanken Short Ribs & Sourcing Meat – Season 2: Episode 32

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s gumbo recipe (3:48) and a Wagyu Sirloin he grilled for dinner one night (9:52). Then we talk about his Brown Sugar Chipotle Flanken Short Ribs recipe he cooked for a video this week (15:99) and Malcom talks about what he would do differently (20:31). Then we talk about sourcing Meat (25:10), what he looks for in a brisket (28:08) and why he stays away from WalMart beef (32:21).

Competition Chicken & Starting a BBQ Food Truck – Season 2: Episode 31

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk with Eric Lee from Fire Dancer BBQ about his winning Competition Chicken Recipe (4:18), his competition cooking timeline (9:03) and how he met Malcom over beer and Fire Ants (0:41). Then we talk BBQ Food Trucks! (21:32) Eric talks about how he created his rubs (22:20), the license and regulations to starting your own food truck (24:53), and the strategy behind selling out of BBQ each day (32:56). Then we quickly talk about The American Royal that’s happening this weekend (53:08).

Drum Smokers – Season 2: Episode 30

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk with Mike Brinkman from Uncle Pookie Smokers about drum smokers. We talk about a delicious Buffalo Chicken Sandwich recipe from SwineLife this weekend (4:00) and the Competition Chicken Recipe for next week (5:14). Then we talk about the first drum smokers we made (11:49) and what’s the difference between a burn barrel and a smoker (17:14) why they are so simple to use (20:51) and why you don’t need to worry about leaks (24:31). Then we talk about how to fire up a drum smoker (28:50), what charcoal we use in our drums (31:53) and the cheapest heat diverter out there (37:32).

Old School BBQ Contests & Football Season – Season 2: Episode 29

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom talks about his Spicy Chicken Slider recipe (2:10) and smoking whole chickens (3:15). Then Malcom’s long-time friend and old Killer Hogs teammate, Justin Weatherly stops by to talk about their Fantasy Football draft (3:57) and why Malcom is always the host of the draft (8:48). Then Justin tells about cooking with Malcom back in the old days (14:04) and how competition can break you down (33:10). Then we talk about Football Foods (41:40) and what can go wrong when you smoke a pork loin (42:54). Next Malcom and Justin can’t help but talk about Football and why they are Vikings Fans (54:54).

Char Siu Recipes & Gauges, Thermometers and Temp Probes – Season 2: Episode 28

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about planning for Malcom’s Fantasy Football Draft Party (2:04) and how he doesn’t have a plan for his Labor Day Recipe (8:10). Then we talk about what is Char Siu (9:01), his idea to substitute pork belly for this recipe (10:48) and how he would use a thinner pork chop (12:01). We talked about Malcom’s love of Jolene (17:22) and why everyone should admire their pits (18:03). Then we talked about gauges (28:25), Wired Thermometers (32:38), Hand-Held Thermometers (48:00), Infrared Guns (58:04) and Pit Control Devices (1:00:43).

Grilled Chicken Pitas & Malcom’s Favorite Things – Season 2: Episode 27

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about the HowToBBQRight App (6:05) and the Steak Contest we cooked last weekend (9:16). Then we talk Grilled Chicken Pitas (11:49), how to serve these pitas for dinner (13:40) and what we did with the leftovers (16:30). And in honor of Malcom’s birthday, I asked him about his favorite foods, restaurants and grills (29:10).

Grilled Red Snapper & Filming YouTube Videos – Season 2: Episode 26

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we jump right in and talk about cooking Red Snapper on the grill (0:34), other fish you can substitute (4:43) and why to cook it with the skin on (5:44). Then we talked about why the Vortex is perfect for fish (17:07) and cooking fish on other grills (20:03). Next we talk about our YouTube videos (23:00) and how Malcom gets ideas for his recipes (27:05). Then we reminisce about getting our business started (42:58) and some disasters we had while filming recipes (47:28). video on the way…

BBQ Gadgets – Season 2: Episode 25

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about what we’re cooking this weekend (1:14), our thoughts on the new show, BBQ Brawl (3:21) and the Steak Contest we’re cooking next weekend (8:27). Then we talk about our weekend at Code 3 BBQ (11:05) and spending time with Sweet Baby Ray himself, Dave Raymond (14:12). Then we make a plan for our whole hog cook this fall (20:04) and the square drum smoker I want to buy Malcom for his birthday (17:29). Then we talk all about BBQ gadgets (24:17) and the new pellet grill attachment we found this weekend called The Heat Wave (24:24).

Fishing & Cooking Seafood on the Grill – Season 2: Episode 24

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re heading to Code 3 Smoking on Main (1:15) and planning to eat at A Fine Swine BBQ (4:58). Then we talk about deep-sea fishing (6:53), eating seafood in LA (Lower Alabama) (10:10) and The Wild Orange boat (19:24). We talked about the Fish Tacos we cooked for dinner Tuesday night (21:19), why Crab Legs are the best on the smoker (33:20) and smoked shrimp (36:21). Then we talked about the fish recipes Malcom screwed up (43:33) and how not to overcook lobsters and scallops (52:02).

BBQ Vacation & Cooking Steaks with a Reverse Sear – Season 2: Episode 23

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about our vacation and visiting New Orleans (1:52), Destin (5:05) and our adventure in Panama City Beach (7:11). Then we talk about the Rib Licker Steak Contest we’re cooking this weekend (16:28). And Malcom explains why he has a Fantasy Football pre-draft party (18:19) and cooking steaks in a monsoon (19:52). Then we talk about Reverse Sear (29:00) and when to use the reverse sear technique (31:09) and how to do it on a pellet grill (34:50). We debate if reverse sear has the same flavor (39:45), how easy it can be (41:02) and if a Caveman Style Steaks are any good (41:30).

Old School Barbecue Chicken & July 4th Cooking – Season 2: Episode 22

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about cooking Old School Barbecue Chicken (5:19), how we remember eating Chicken Plates growing up (7:14) and how many beers it takes to cook barbecue chicken (14:53). Then we talk about the sides – Barbecue Beans (20:30) and how Michael grew the cabbage we used for our Southern Cole Slaw (27:05). We talked about our July 4th memories and on that included Mark Chesnutt (42:28). And talk about what to do – and what not to do – when reheating meat for serving this July 4th (46:10).

Cooking Hot Wings & Frying Catfish – Season 2: Episode 21

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about “Camp Week” (0:29) and our Smokafried Wing video from this week (2:25). What you really get when you order Smoke Wings at a restaurant (5:20), why Malcom smokes these Smokafried wings at 275 (8:01) and the dangers of using Propane (11:20). Then we talked about how Malcom fries a great hot wing (15:12) and why he always uses peanut oil (18:29). Then we talked about Fried Catfish (26:10) and the best way to fry them (28:30).

Meat Church & Aaron Franklin’s Master Class – Season 2: Episode 20

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about our last weekend with Matt Pittman at our Meat Church BBQ Class (1:50). We stopped by Buckee’s on the way (4:25) and checked out some flanken style short ribs (7:35). We explain how these two classes were setup (8:35), what BBQ we both cooked (9:45), and how we travel for 2 days with Cole Slaw (14:04). We talked about our family trip to a honky tonk (22:58). Then we talk about Franklin’s Masterclass (33:29), what we weren’t impressed with (38:05) and what Malcom thought was very valuable (39:30). And we found out how Aaron Franklin cooks his brisket (46:29), we wonder why he uses a water pan (49:12) and find out what Malcom learned from this class (54:05).

Porterhouse Steaks & Pellet Grills – Season 2: Episode 19

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about how Malcom came up with the idea for his latest Porterhouse Steak video (1:33) and the difference in cooking on a propane grill vs a pellet grill (3:30). We talk about the difference between a Porterhouse and a Tbone (5:01) and when the cooking process actually starts (7:14). Then we talked about Malcom’s newest invention – Steak Butter Dipping Sauce (13:30). And Malcom’s experience using multiple grills for one steak (21:10). And I ask Malcom if the pellet grill could have beat a charcoal steak (25:46). Then we talk about Malcom’s White BBQ Sauce recipe (37:32) and the first pellet grill Malcom ever saw (40:08)

Competition Rib Recipe & Water Smokers – Season 2: Episode 18

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about the best thing Malcom cooked all Memorial Day weekend (6:05) and our smoked hot dog bar (12:10). Then we talked our video recipe this week, Competition Ribs at Memphis In May (14:32) and the challenges of filming at a big contest (18:12). Then we dive into water pan cooking (29:29) and the benefits and negatives to cooking with a water pan (32:02).

Mojo Beef Ribs & Memorial Day BBQ – Season 2: Episode 17

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we congratulate our friend and BBQ Brother, Jay Durbin and Jamie Durbin from Tennessee Mojo for his Grand Champion Rib win at Memphis In May this past weekend (1:51). Then we talk about Mark’s technique for removing rib membranes (14:02). Next we dive into Malcom’s recipe this week… Mojo Beef Ribs (17:13), and adding pickle juice to his beef mop (17:50) and the best way to describe eating beef ribs (21:22). Then we talk about resting big meats (28:02) and what recipes can cause fights (33:16). Next we get into Memorial Day BBQ Cooking (36:19) and how Malcom likes to cook his Memorial Day ribs (36:25). Then to wrap it up we talk about cooking Mountain Lion (51:36) and the best way to cook a 50lb hog (54:06).

Bacon Burnt Ends and Memphis In May – Season 2: Episode 16

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s latest video craze – Bacon Burnt Ends (2:02) and where Malcom found unsliced slab bacon (4:32). Then we talked about why we tagged Kevin Bacon in our Instagram pics this week (5:28), why you want to cut your bacon before smoking (8:50) and what Malcom prefers (10:54). Then we talked about Malcom’s Smoked Turkey Taco recipe from this week (11:33) and why we’re keeping it a secret until Thursday (16:10). Then we talk about how Memphis in May BBQ Fest is going (22:30) and what we’re cooking this weekend ‘down on the river’ (26:32).

Jay Durbin from Tennessee Mojo – Season 2: Episode 15

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk with Jay Durbin from Tennessee Mojo. Malcom tells the story about how he met Jay (3:00) and how #SteakTeam was started (5:25). We talk about how Jay started with Instagram (6:45) and how he learned to take great pictures of his food (10:02). We talk about Jay’s World Food Burger Entry (15:16) and how he wants Malcom to be his first boudoir shoot (23:10). Then we pick Jay’s brain about how to improve your Instagram (27:40) and the 3 most important things to improve your Instagram game (34:28). Then we talk about Jay cooking and eating guinea pigs (45:13) and we wrap up by talking about cooking hogs in Ecuador (49:28).

Certified Angus Beef – Season 2: Episode 14

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we talk about our trip to Ohio and the Certified Angus Beef headquarters (0:39). We talk about how Certified Angus Beef came to be (2:50) and the 10 qualifications required for an angus cow to become “Certified” (5:30). We spent time on a working beef farm (10:40), broke down a ¼ of a cow into primal cuts (23:45) and made beef sausage that was so much better than expected (40:42). We talked about our Beef Fondue breakfast on the farm (45:35) and cooking Sirloin Picanha with Dr. BBQ (50:45).

How Malcom’s BBQ Style Has Changed – Season 2: Episode 13

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we talk about the Beefer Grill (1:30) and the two recipes we shot using 1500 degrees – Beefer Steak (5:03) and Beefer Salmon (10:22) – and how we met the Beefer guys to begin with (1:00). Then we talk about how Malcom’s cooking has evolved over the years (17:45). Malcom shares how he first got into competition bbq (18:40) and the bathtubs he used to hone his rub cooking skills (24:48). Then he talks about how his smoker preference has changed over the years (31:08) and how cooking BBQ the wrong way helped him learn (35:10). Malcom looks back at how he used to soak wood (38:49), his first brisket fails (42:09) and his old chicken recipe that won plenty of trophies (46:35).

Smoking Easter Ham – Season 2: Episode 12

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we talk Lamb Shoulder Chops and how Malcom smoked and braised them on his Memphis Grill (2:44). We moved to a new podcast set and office (1:32) and Malcom reveals how he gets permission to get all his smokers and grills (13:19). Of course we talked about smoking Easter Hams (15:30) and how you fundraise by selling Hams around the holidays (33:01) and the Creole Turkey Breast Malcom is cooking to go with our Easter Ham (37:28). And we go over Malcom’s fail-proof Crawfish recipe (40:12).

Competition Ribs – Season 2: Episode 11

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we talk all about Competition Ribs (38:11). The flavor profile for competition ribs (46:30), how to get the right amount of smoke flavor (52:00) and how Malcom finishes his competition ribs at a BBQ contest (54:32). We also talked about Malcom’s Smoked Wagyu Tri Tip recipe from this week and how to pronounce “Wag-yu” correctly (11:14) Then we debate what makes beef “Wagyu” (15:07) and why Malcom smoked it instead of doing a reverse sear (20:25). And we kicked things off by talking about our KCBS and SCA Competition BBQ and Steak contests from this past weekend (1:04).

Crispy Wings &  Competition BBQ Contest Prep – Season 2: Episode 10

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we talk Malcom’s video recipe this week, Grilled Crispy Chicken Wings (3:29) and why we use the Vortex Grill (4:45). Then we talk about how Malcom cooked 2 slabs of Baby Back Ribs on Sunday (19:10). And we get into how our son, Michael, beat Malcom in a Steak Cook for the second contest in a row (16:28) and what happens when you grind Killer Hogs Steak Rub (17:45). Then we talk what it takes to prepare for a competition BBQ contest and a steak contest (21:02) and how Malcom picks his bbq contests (31:34).

How to Develop Your Own Rub with Townsend Spice & Supply –  Season 2 : Episode 9

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we talk with Shane & Lawson Linn from Townsend Spice & Supply all about creating your own bbq rub recipe (1:28) and how you can get it bottled – both for personal use and to sell (6:40). We talk about how to make sugar-free or diet-restricted rubs (2:09) and what you can expect to spend bottling your own recipe (8:04). The most expensive ingredient (14:41), why Chinese Garlic is the best in the world (15:01) and the hottest pepper they use in their rub manufacturing (21:10). We talk about what to expect when you get your first sample (26:46), how expensive labels can be (29:00) and UPC codes (32:28). Then we talk about Townsend Spice & Supply’s upcoming SCA Steak Contest (37:57) and what to expect when you come to Arkansas to cook a steak (49:10).

Heath Riles –  Season 2 : Episode 8

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talked with Heath Riles from Heath Riles BBQ about Traeger’s Grill Launch Party we all attended last week. (16:29) We discussed Chad Ward’s karate skills (24:50), why Malcom didn’t ride the mechanical pig (24:10) and the amazing menu we had while in Utah (33:08). And what we liked about the engineering and use of new Traeger Grills they just launched (38:37) and how impressed we were with their R&D department (47:10). Of course we talked about the Pastrami recipe he cooked this week (1:05) and answer some questions (8:10). And we continued our Memphis In May discussion (55:15) and what other contests we have planned these coming weeks (53:45) and the best recipes Heath’s been cooking at home (1:01:30).

Grilling & BBQ with Kids –  Season 2 : Episode 7

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom and Michael’s recipe this week – Sweet & Sour Chicken Legs (9:50) and why this recipe worked so well for kids (13:00) and how to do it at home –not for kids (18:25). We also talk about Malcom’s brisket he has soaking for his Pastrami video next week (5:50) and what we cooked while camping last weekend (2:20). Then we talked about how we get our son cooking with us (22:50) and kids who are killing it in the competition world today (25:34). And where Malcom learned his love of cooking and my background with BBQ (32:39). Then Malcom talked about his stint as the Sonic Hamburger and his brief employment as a Ryan’s Steakhouse cook (41:00).

Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ –  Season 2 : Episode 6

On this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk to Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ (1:10) and he talks about what he’s been cooking lately. (8:55). Malcom talks about making a video on getting Crispy Grilled Chicken Skin (6:40) and the Backyard Competition we judged last weekend (10:45). Then we talk about the best BBQ Food Truck we’ve found this side of the Mississippi, Big Bad Wolf Truck in Tupleo, MS (13:45) and how Mark reverse-seared a Tri-Tip using the Beefer (14:20). Then Malcom explains how he cooked a flat iron on the pellet smoker for our Wednesday night dinner (26:00) and Mark and Malcom disagree over Sous Vide (29:40). Mark talks about Grilla Grills (37:02) and which type of pellets he runs in his grill (39:30). Next we talk about our plan for Memphis In May (41:15) and how Mark cooked a Mexican-style pork butt for his housewarming taco bar (45:30). And we also talk about Malcom’s guest spot on the BBQ Central Show (3:08) and what we have planned for next week (53:50).

Bahamas Steaks & Grilled Seafood Pizza –  Season 2 : Episode 5

On the HowToBBQRight Podcast this week, we recap our amazing Steak Cooking adventure to the Bahamas (0:50) and how GrillGrates and the SCA put on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Then we talked about how Malcom was inspired to cook his Grilled Seafood Pizza (5:25) and how he cooked the recipe this week (8:55). Malcom gives you his fool-proof method score a 20th place finish cooking steaks on the beach (21:21). Then we answer a couple questions from last week’s Deer Filet video (35:15) and Malcom defends his Crocs (42:26). Malcom talks about his upcoming ideas for videos (55:01) and the Memphis In May controversy (59:01).

Wild Game Cooking –  Season 2 : Episode 4

On the HowToBBQRight Podcast this week, we jump right in and talk about Malcom’s Deer Filet Steak recipe he shared this week (1:30) and the difference between loin and tenderloin (4:40). Then Malcom shares what he’s learned about the secret to order well-cooked meat at restaurants (9:30) and why you should order medium rare. We talked about Malcom getting into his cups on our first official SCA Steak Contest we cooked on Sunday (18:55). And  I bragged on Malcom’s Valentine’s Day Dinner (24:20). We talked about Kosmo’s Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich (27:00) and we answered some of the questions we received on our YouTube comments (32:28)…. And of course we talked about the Homemade Pork Rinds (30:00). Then we talk about other Deer and Wild Game Recipes we’ve had in the past – and the ones Malcom plans to add to his YouTube receives in the future. (45:05).

Kosmo’s Q – Season 2 : Episode 3

On the HowToBBQRight Podcast this week, we drink a little whiskey and talk to Darian Kosmo from Kosmo’s Q.  We find out how Kosmo got started in the BBQ business (1:24), about his new store he just opened in Oklahoma (2:35) and Kosmo’s video classes (9:35). Of course we talk about stick burners and the Jambo (3:40) and how to get that “Blue Smoke” (5:30). Then we talk about why we don’t cook Competition BBQ at home (15:40) and all about Kosmo cooking SCA events and winning the World Championship Steak Cookoff (21:10). Then we talked about Kosmo’s Deep Fried Ribeye recipe (40:05). And Kosmo explains how to use injections properly (45:00). Finally we talk about Kosmo’s Country Music Video (1:02:18).

Smoking Brisket –  Season 2 : Episode 2

On HowToBBQRight Podcast this week, we talk about Brisket! We talk about Malcom’s recipe this week, “Brisket on a Stick Burner” (18:26). Then we talk about tips and tricks for cooking Brisket (36:42). And we take a trip down memory lane with Malcom’s first experience cooking brisket with Cousin Bob (40:10). Then we talk about the biggest mistakes cooking brisket (47:55). We also talk all the redneck things Malcom did last Saturday (1:20), what we cooked for Superbowl (5:52) and the lunch we catered at the house this week (18:33).  

Superbowl Recipes and Cold Weather Cooking –  Season 2 : Episode 1

On HowToBBQRight Podcast this week, we talk about kicking off season 2 with a video podcast. We taking about what we’ve been cooking over the holidays (2:12) and how Malcom cooked the best beef tenderloin he’s ever cooked (3:52). Malcom talks about his new stick burner, The Jambo, and the briskets he’s been cooking (13:03). The deal Cosco has on a case of briskets (16:22) We talk about how Malcom got his pork belly skin crispy (18:59). Then we talked about Cold Weather Cooking (28:21) which Malcom admits a southern boy isn’t the best person to ask. Then we get to important stuff and talk about What we’re cooking for Superbowl and some recipe ideas for the big game (34:10).  



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