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HowToBBQRight Podcast Season 3

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Whole Smoked Ribeye, Smoked Sticky Buns and BBQ Christmas Gifts – Season 3: Episode 36

Malcom talks about all his holiday recipes, what he wants for Christmas and we recap all the recipes from this past year.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about our first office (1:05), the Grand Opening of our new Retail Shop (3:32) and our new Certified Angus Beef sign (4:14). Then Malcom explains why they call it Prime Rib (5:18), why he cut the ribs off his whole ribeye (5:47) and how you can please everyone cooking a whole ribeye (9:43). Then we talk about Malcom’s Smoked, Tangy Meatball recipe (15:31), his Smoked Chex recipe (19:36) and Chell’s Smoked Sticky Buns (24:04). Then Malcom tells what he wants for Christmas (32:00) and some other BBQ gift ideas (32:55). Next Malcom and I go over all the recipes he’s cooked this year (43:31).

video on the way…

Filming Wild Game Recipes and Outdoor Kitchens – Season 3: Episode 35

Malcom talks about his experience filming and hunting at Mossy Oak and we talk about the outdoor kitchen we have now – and his dream outdoor kitchen.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s visit to Mossy Oak (1:00) and how he cooked Wild Boar Ribs (2:24), Quail stuffed with Venison Dirty Rice (5:00), Elk Medallions (7:20), Bison Ribeyes (9:33) and Deer Camp Cheese Dip (13:50). Then Malcom talked about filming in the deer blind (18:44) and one of Malcom’s heroes, TK & Mike (22:41). Then we talk all about outdoor kitchens (25:24) – how he built his current outdoor kitchen (28:52) and what his dream outdoor kitchen would look like (33:48).

Smoking Turkeys and Cooking Hogs – Season 3: Episode 34

Malcom talks all about the different ways to smoke turkeys, the Whole Hog cooking contest he has this weekend and the new Retail Shop

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Hot Apple Cider (2:21), Friendsgiving (7:33) and when to thaw and brine your Thanksgiving Turkey (10:41). Then we talk about a cooking timeline for Thanksgiving day (18:09), using bacon grease to baste (20:11) stuffing the cavity (24:04), Malcom’s turkey fail (29:18), why we called this turkey “The Norm” (34:47) and the most important thing when smoking turkeys for Thanksgiving (41:45). Then Malcom talks about his upcoming hog cooking competition (45:47) and our new retail store, Malcom’s Shop (53:41).

Malcom’s Shop, Holiday Cooking Plans and more BBQ Q&A – Season 3: Episode 33

Malcom talks about opening our new retail location, the turkey shortage and answers more BBQ questions.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about opening our Malcom’s Shop retail location (0:24), Malcom’s new Killer Jerky (1:22) and why we now have a sidewalk (3:00). Then we talk about why you need to get your Thanksgiving turkeys now (7:31), where Malcom likes to source his holiday hams (10:49) and smoking a hen (12:27). Then I ask Malcom about taking pulled pork to another level (21:48), how Malcom started in BBQ (27:27), how he keeps his smokers clean (31:52), getting juicy chuck roast (36:20), what happens when they stop making Mayonnaise (41:36) and the best pellet grill under 1k (43:38).

Barbecue Questions & Answers with Malcom – Season 3: Episode 32

Malcom answers questions about moisture in wood, serving quality food for catering jobs, holding meat and his favorite cookers.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s experience as a Sonic cook (2:32), Swine Life’s Sausage and Cheese Dip (6:11) and we start answering listener’s biggest questions about BBQ (7:19). Malcom answers questions about soaking wood (8:31), serving the highest quality of food when feeding a lot of people (11:22) why you need to “hold” your meat (17:58), how to cook something you’ve never cooked before (24:14), loading your smoker down with meat (26:14), injecting KCBS meats (28:22), why Malcom will never open a restaurant (34:32), who is using Malcom’s smoker Jolene the most (36:41), paper vs foil (38:16), lump vs briquettes (39:08), cleaning GrillGrates (49:18) and the smoker that taught Malcom the most (51:00).

Chili Dogs, Hot Dogs and Halloween – Season 3: Episode 31

Malcom talks about his Game Day Chili Dog recipe, all the best ways to eat hot dogs and Halloween.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about opening the new retail shop in 3 weeks (1:36) and the item Malcom is excited about selling (3:51). Then we talk about Hot Dogs (4:48), what made his Game Day Chili Dog so good (7:55) how he prepped the dogs (13:05) and which hot dogs to feed the kids (18:38). Then Malcom shares his favorite way to eat a hot dog (21:33), the recipe for a BBQ Nacho Hot Dog (22:03) and my special Hot Dog steamer (24:28). Then we talk about Halloween and Malcom’s best costumes (31:01), the lack of Halloween themed food (36:49) and Malcom’s new BBQ house (40:28).

video on the way…

BBQ Product Reviews with Mark Williams – Season 3: Episode 30

Malcom talks with Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ about their new product review project and Mark’s best recipes

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Mark Williams tells us about his new outdoor kitchen (1:30) and we talk about our Turkey Cooking plans (4:03). Then we talk about Malcom and Mark’s new YouTube channel, “Out the Smoke” (7:58) the concept for these new videos (11:45) and the 4 products we reviewed first (12:02). Then we talk about anchovy steak butter (36:02) hot spots in grills – and ovens (42:27) and the best recipes we’ve ever cooked (50:35).

Smoked Tomahawk Steak, Grilled Chicken Tacos and Chili, Soups & Stews – Season 3: Episode 29

Malcom talks about his Smoked Tomahawk Ribeye recipe, the Grilled Chicken Thigh video from last week and we get excited about Chili weather.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom explains where the idea for his Smoked Tomahawk Ribeye came from (2:00), what cooker give steaks the best flavor (5:13) using beef base as a binder (7:40) and why the probe thermometer is so important for thick steaks (13:45). Then we talk about our new retail location (21:34), our Grilled Chicken Taco recipe from last week (23:25) and where Malcom will source some wild boar meat (31:33). Then we wrap up the day talking about our favorite Chili recipes (37:09), Malcom tells my dirty chili secret (43:16) and we list some of our favorite soups and stews (46:02).

Steaks & Cooking In Cast Iron – Season 3: Episode 28

Malcom talks about his Cast Iron Steak Recipe, all the different ways you can cook steaks and why he likes cooking in cast iron.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Cast Iron Chuck Steak video (1:22), where the Chuck Steak is found on the cow (4:12) and how The Butcher Shoppe gets such cheap Wagyu (7:46). Then we rate all the different ways to cook a steak (14:51), where Malcom sources his steaks (15:26), why Malcom feels he would be rated Wagyu (23:06) and how he likes to season steaks (25:37). Then Malcom ranks all the different methods for cooking a steak (30:31), we talk Steak Toppers (39:48) and Malcom’s favorite steak restaurant (42:27). Then we talk about cooking with Cast Iron (47:07) and what we learned about seasoning cast iron (49:28) and how Malcom cleans his cast iron (54:37). 

Pork Steaks and Malcom’s Best Drink Recipes – Season 3: Episode 27

Malcom talks about cooking Pork Steaks and shares his favorite drink recipes and the stories behind the booze.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about cooking wild game sausage (5:33) and the proper way to thaw meat (11:35). Then Malcom has a serious discussion about Pork Steaks (12:50), how you can void your Ole Hickory Warranty (17:50) and cooking Pork Steak at a steak contest (23:00). Then we talk about hosting Booze and Shrimp Day (27:10) and Malcom shares his recipe (and stories) for his Bloody Mary Recipe (29:58), Mojito (37:18), Mississippi Mule (40:32), Cousin Eddie Reed’s BullFrog (42:21), Chell’s favorite Jack & Ginger (45:40), Flaming Dr Peppers (46:54), Tequila Sunrise (50:35), Walk Me Down (53:36), Malcom’s Rum Punch (55:11) and Margaritas (57:41).

Weber Kettle Pork Butt and all things Weber Grills – Season 3: Episode 26

Malcom talks all about Weber Grills – how to slow-smoke pork butts on them, their history and his new Weber Master Touch Grill

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s recipe this week – Pulled Pork on the Weber Kettle (3:26). Malcom explained how he setup the kettle with the “charcoal snake” method (5:09), why he scored the fat cap (15:20) and why he wraps pork butts with vinegar sauce (20:57). Then Malcom explains the different zone cooking options on a weber (29:55) we talk about Weber Grill’s history (35:15) and Malcom’s experience at the Weber Restaurant (39:46). Then Malcom talks about the new Weber Master Touch grill I gave him for his birthday (42:55).

Fantasy Football Draft Party – Season 3: Episode 25

Malcom talks about hosting his Fantasy Football Draft Party and all the food we cooked, moving into our new HQ and grilled Fajita Night

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Fantasy Football Draft Party (1:18), when he started playing Fantasy Football (5:17) and why the draft parties get better every year (9:11). Then we talk about how Malcom cooked his Jerk Mon Pork Sliders (10:56), how to assemble a great charcuterie board (17:11), Chell’s Jalapeño Cheese Football (21:05), we talk about what made those Spare Ribs so good (23:29), and how Malcom cooked the Tri Tips with a reverse sear (30:18). Then we talked about what it took to plan this party (36:03) and how difficult it is to cook the Carolina Meatballs (39:31). Finally we talked about our new HQ (43:32), Malcom’s run on Sirloin Steaks (47:40) and our Fajita Dinner night (50:30).

Gator Videos, Malcom’s Birthday Recap and Plans for New Smokers- Season 3: Episode 24

Malcom talks about the Gator video, his Low Country Steam recipe, reflects on his past 25 year and we talk about smoking Whole Chickens.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about editing the Gator video (1:40) the real reason Malcom won’t go gator hunting (3:52) why animal rights folks hated this video (7:43) and the truth about how alligator tastes (10:11). Then Malcom shares his sure-fire recipe for Gar Fish (15:26) and his method for a Low Country Steam on the pellet grill (17:04). Next we talk about the Outlaw Smoker (21:03) and after celebrating his birthday, Malcom reflects on his past 25 years (25:06). Then we talk about Smoking Whole Chickens (34:35) and our favorite Smoked Chicken Recipes (40:31) and planned Malcom’s Fantasy Football Party Recipe (44:48).

The BBQ Ninja, Royal Oak Charcoal and Cooking a Whole Gator- Season 3: Episode 23

Malcom talks with Craig Verhage – AKA The BBQ Ninja – about the legendary Ubon’s BBQ Team, Royal Oak Sponsorships, Cooking a Gator and using a flame-thrower to cook chicken wings

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk to Craig Verhage about how he joined the legendary Ubon’s BBQ Team (2:56), where “The BBQ Ninja” originated (7:04) and the experience of Food Network’s Chopped Grill Masters (10:20). Then we talk about Craig’s new job with Royal Oak Charcoal (18:46) and how Royal Oak chooses their sponsored teams (22:48). Then we talk about cooking gator (29:32)! First we talk to Craig about how he hunts gators (32:24), how he learned to cook gator (36:25) and using Turkey Brine for gator (39:59) and why Malcom didn’t use Jolene (43:43). Then we get Craig’s famous chicken wing recipe (46:34).

Pork Riblets, Applebee’s Memories and a Weber Grills – Season 3: Episode 22

Malcom talks about his new Pork Riblet recipe, his fuzzy memories from Applebee’s, all the ways to cook flaken ribs and the new Weber grill he wants.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Pork Riblets (2:10), Malcom’s experience with Applebee’s All-You-Can-Eat Riblets (3:33) the plan to make Buffalo Riblets (9:08) and why Malcom always uses Lump Charcoal in the Drum Smoker (12:49). Then Malcom shares his recipe for Beef Flaken Ribs (12:54) and we told the story of how I saved Marlboro points to give Malcom his “lucky” Weber Grill (29:38). Then we talk about how to build a clean fire (42:08) and Malcom plan’s his fantasy football draft pics (49:48).

Pork Chop Sandwich and Hitting 1 Million Subscribers – Season 3: Episode 21

Malcom talks about what it’s like to have 1 Million Subs, we talk about his delicious chargrilled chop sandwich recipe, cooking Snapper and what Malcom is bringing to a deserted island.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we celebrate hitting 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube (1:18) and Malcom reminisces on starting this 10 year ago, talks about all his big plans (6:24) and why we can’t call our new HQ “The Mothership” (9:57). Then we talk about Malcom’s Pork Chop Sandwich recipe (13:26), his concern about the tough texture (17:31) and why he regrets comparing it to a McRib Sandwich (22:14). Then we talk about Snapper Fishing (30:34) and why Snapper throat look like grilled bats (35:18). Then I ask, “Is it too hot to cook?” (45:09) and we talk about what Malcom’s deserted island must-haves (48:44).

Apple Pie Ribs, Grilled Brats and July 4th Recipes – Season 3: Episode 20

Malcom talks about Apple Pie Ribs, cooking the perfect Brat and all his July 4th

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about serving White BBQ Sauce with our July 4th Pulled Pork (2:20) and Malcom’s most American recipe ever… his Apple Pie Ribs (5:22). We talk about the importance of your rib’s appearance (8:26), Malcom’s favorite pork baste (12:08), wrapping with apple butter (13:58) and why you need to use jelly as a glaze (19:34). Then we talk about our trip to visit Code 3 BBQ Supply for their Meat American Podcast (26:23). Malcom shares his secret to the perfect Brat (31:51), we go over all his July 4th recipes (38:55) and make a plan for his new Thanksgiving recipe (41:11).

BBQ Contests, Fried Catfish and Jerk Burgers – Season 3: Episode 19

Malcom talks about cooking SCA and KCBS Contests last weekend, frying Catfish for Father’s Day and his delicious Jerk Burger Recipe

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about technical issues with our videos (1:05) and pressuring Tennessee Mojo to make a video with us (5:06). Then we gave an update from our BBQ Contest last week (8:11), Michael’s Steak Bet to shave his head (12:44) and what we learned about frozen chicken (21:57). Malcom shared his Catfish recipe that he cooks for his dad each year on Father’s Day (29:24) and talked about his Catfish King of Mississippi title (34:32). Then we talk about Malcom’s delicious Jerk Burger Recipe from this week (38:40), why he didn’t toast his bun (45:10) and all the ways to use leftover Calypso sauce (50:47).

Competition BBQ Cancellations – Season 3: Episode 18

Malcom talks about getting ready for his first and possibly last BBQ Competition of the year – and his plan on how he’s going to cook it.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about cancelling BBQ Contests – including Memphis In May (1:40) and Malcom’s brilliant solution to Football Season (3:00). Then Malcom remembers how difficult it is to get ready for a BBQ Contest (7:33) and the new “Rona Rules” for BBQ and Steaks Cooks (9:00). Then Malcom talks about sourcing and trimming meat for a BBQ Contest (14:11), explains exactly what a “Money Muscle” is on a pork butt (16:47) and raves about a Wagyu Eye of Chuck Steak from the Butcher Shoppe (19:19). Malcom tries to connivence me to cook his competition chicken (31:25), what it took to get the new BBQ Trailer ready (42:56) and Malcom’s Competition BBQ cooking timeline and procedures (47:55).

Vacations, Fish Cooking & Crustacean Recipes – Season 3: Episode 17

Malcom talks about his boy’s trip last week, the food we’ve eaten on vacation and why he’ll never go deep sea fishing again.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast Malcom explains why we haven’t filmed any new videos (1:52) and how long it took to edit the Whole Hog video (2:20). Then we talk about cooking a crawfish, shrimp and snow crab boil (7:50) the secret to cooking crustaceans (9:10) and Malcom explains why there is a crawfish season (12:12). Then Malcom told his traumatizing story of deep sea fishing (14:48), the amazing steak dinner they grilled (29:31), the best crab cakes recipe (32:12) and the fish tacos they cooked (40:46).

Cooking a Whole Hog with Swine Life BBQ – Season 3: Episode 16

Malcom talks with Jamie and Mark Williams of Swine Life BBQ about his delicious dinner recipe and the whole “racing style” hog they cooked last week.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we have guests Jamie and Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ. Malcom share his Delicious Dinner recipe (0:49) of Barbecue Pork Chops with Zucchini (4:35) and Sweet Potatoes (5:47). Then talk about cooking a “running style” Whole Hog (10:43). Mark explains how we prepped the hog (12:51), why we stuffed the hog with a cinder block (17:52), why the hog looked like he was wrapped in butcher paper (25:22) and why this hog stalled out for hours (27:55). We debated how much meat a 150lb hog will yield (32:28) then bragged about how good this “running style” hog was (33:04) and Malcom’s failed attempt at smoked hog pork rinds (34:35). Mark and Jamie share their recipes for leftover hog meat (37:09) and the boys plan for their next hog recipe (42:17).

Low and Slow Brisket and Getting Authentic BBQ Flavor on Pellet Grills – Season 3: Episode 15

Malcom talks about his pellet grill brisket method and how he gets authentic BBQ flavor on a pellet grill

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about how Malcom smoked a low & slow brisket on his pellet grill (0:34), how to pick the right brisket (3:05), if pellet briskets as good (7:04) and how the seasonings help you build the smoke ring (11:05). Then we talk about leaving a smoker going overnight (17:30), the right internal temp to pull briskets off the smoker (20:11) and holding briskets in a dry cooler (25:32). Finally, I ask Malcom if pellet smokers are “real bbq” (32:16), the first pellet smoker Malcom saw (40:31) and how he’s going to fire the Yoder back up! (43:41).

Herb Crusted Beef Tenderloin, Meat Shortages and Summer BBQ Plans – Season 3: Episode 14

Malcom talks about his herb crusted beef tenderloins, speculates on meat shortages and dreams about grillin’ and chillin’ this summer

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom brags about his new haircut (0:40) and finding Certified Angus Beef at the local grocery store (2:57). Then we talk about Malcom’s evil French laugh (5:11), why he decided to go with an Herb Crust for his beef tenderloin recipe (7:39), the key to perfecting a grilled beef tenderloin (11:50) and how to serve beef tenderloin for a crowd (15:44). Then Malcom shared his Memphis In May gossip (25:06), our backup plans if there is a meat shortage (28:08) and Malcom’s political plans (32:35). Then we talk about Summer BBQs (34:52) and Malcom’s love of gillin’ and chillin’ (37:51) and our thoughts on grilled watermelon (47:10).

Chuck Roast Burnt Ends, Grilled Pollo Tapatio and Cooking Pulled Pork for 200 People – Season 3: Episode 13

Malcom gives his opinion of “Poor Man Burnt Ends” using Chuck Roast, share his favorite Mexican recipe and tells how to cook a BBQ Dinner for 200 people

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about how many Margaritas Malcom has before doing Greg Rempe’s BBQ Central Show this week (0:46) and the list of nominees for the BBQ Hall of Fame (2:10). Then we talk about Malcom’s Chuck Roast Burnt End method for making “Poor Man Burnt Ends” (7:55), why it’s not as good as Brisket Burnt Ends (9:55), why he didn’t use a lot of sweetness in the braise (14:30) and what he would do differently (15:23). Then we talk about how Malcom says “Pollo” (17:58), how he cooks his version of a grilled Pollo Tapatio (18:35) and how he makes Salsa Rice and Refried Beans (21:11). Then we talk about cooking bbq for 200 people (29:17), how to figure the right amount of meat to cook (33:14) and Chell’s catering Cole Slaw recipe (40:34).

Smoked Chicken Enchiladas, Delicious Dinners and Cooking Fails – Season 3: Episode 12

Malcom talks about his Gringo Chicken Enchiladas, cooking Grilled Pork Tenderloins and Hamburger Steaks for dinner and our biggest Cooking Fails

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Gringo Smoked Chicken Enchiladas (2:57), why he used corn tortillas (5:27), where his love of Mexican food started (7:35) and what he’s cooking for Cinco De Mayo (11:01). Then we talk about Malcom’s Hamburger Steak dinner recipe (17:30), his grilled Pork Tenderloin recipe (21:53) and green apple coleslaw (24:34). Malcom answered questions on why he doesn’t follow “Chef Rules” (28:23). Then we talked about cooking fails (32:27), his first whole hog (32:57) and what he’s learned cooking brisket (40:31).

Smoking a Pork Butt for the best Pulled Pork Sandwiches – Season 3: Episode 11

Malcom talks about how he smokes a pork butt and makes a killer pulled pork sandwich. Then we talk about ham biscuits, red beans & rice and grilling burgers.

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s never-fail pork butt recipe to make the best Pulled Pork Sandwich (1:20), why he uses a mustard binder (5:38), which smoker he thinks gives pork the best flavor (9:07), why he wraps his pork butts in pans (14:12) and the tip on getting more smoke flavor during the glaze (16:46). Then we go over Malcom’s cole slaw recipe and talk (20:51) about the best pulled pork sandwich we’ve had at a restaurant (24:12). Malcom’s plan for our leftover Easter ham (33:06), his Red Beans & Rice recipe (37:18) and how he grilled the best hamburgers we’ve had in a while (41:30).

Honey Smoked Turkey Breast, Beef Ribs and Malcom’s Top 10 Albums – Season 3: Episode 10

Malcom talks his Honey Baked knock-off Turkey Breast, all the cooking we’ve been doing this week and the music that influenced Malcom’s life

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about how Malcom recreated the “Honey Baked” turkey breast on the pellet cooker (2:22), where he sourced breasts that big (3:02), and why he loves that crunchy glaze (8:02) and what he would do differently with his Honey Smoked Turkey Breast (13:28). Then we talk about our Delicious Dinner of Grilled Chicken and Roasted Vegetables (15:19), the baby pork butt he cooked on the drum (17:51), his grilled breakfast quesadillas (19:55) and wings 3 ways (23:12). Then we talk about the Beef Ribs we saved from the freezer (32:18), why these ribs make giving up meat impossible (34:36), and the stuffed venison backstrap recipe he tested out (36:25). Then we talked about Malcom’s tribute to John Prine (40:07) and went over the 10 albums that influence Malcom’s life (42:54).

Malcom Style Ribs, Delicious Dinners, Picanha with Chimichurri and a Breakfast Burger – Season 3: Episode 9

Malcom talks about his own Malcom Style Ribs, all our quarantine cooking and our Mexican Restaurant plans

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we start talk about Malcom’s meat addiction (0:40). Then we talk about Malcom Style Ribs (2:50), why he loves ribs cooked on a drum (7:34), onions on the fire (11:40), basting ribs with just water (16:45) and we discuss “Muddy Ribs” (20:36). Then we talk about our first Delicious Dinners recipe (28:30), Grilled Chicken and Sausage Pasta Jambalaya (28:57). We had fun on #STAYINCOOKOUT (32:43) and Malcom talked about his delicious Breakfast Burger (34:22) and how he cooked the best Picanha on the PK Grill (37:27). Then we talked about Malcom’s post-quarantine Mexican plans (46:40) and creating recipes for Pollo Tapatio (47:42) and a Grande Gringo Molcajete (48:58). Then we talk about all the different types of rib recipes Malcom has (49:41) and our Easter Cooking Plans (54:37).

Carne Asada Gringo Style & Quarantine Cooking – Season 3: Episode 8

Malcom talks about his Gringo Carne Asada, The Tiger King, Malcom’s new Side Chick and what we’re cooking during Quarantine

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom talks about the one thing that has been on his mind lately… The Tiger King (0:58). Then we talk about grilling Carne Asada (3:08), the importance of the marinade (5:00), why he chose the Weber Grill to cook carne asada (8:32) and how he grilled the veggies (11:08). Malcom talks about his new Side Chick (16:43). Then we talk about the Tiger King some more (21:22)… and then we talk about cooking at home (24:43) and using this time to teach kids to cook (31:29). Then we talk about the PK Grills #STAYINCOOKOUT we’ll be doing this weekend – and all those details… (34:01)

Cooking Crawfish & Starting a BBQ YouTube Channel with Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ – Season 3: Episode 7

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we jump right in with Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ and talk about cooking crawfish (1:07), how to source crawfish (5:03), the myth of purging crawfish (7:24), why they boil their pots twice (17:11) and new ideas for crawfish sides (26:02). Then Malcom talks about his mis-adventures in cooking crawfish (35:34) and the old Killer Hogs Crawfish Boils (37:07). Then we ask Mark about starting his own YouTube BBQ Channel this year (42:08), how he learned to become comfortable on camera (45:35), how much work it takes to make a video (51:05) and tips for anyone starting out with their own BBQ YouTube Channel (59:35).

Guinness Flat Iron, Denver Steaks & The Best Butcher Shops – Season 3: Episode 6

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Guinness Flat Iron Steak & Potatoes recipe (3:12), why a Flat Iron makes a great dinner (5:49), how Malcom grills on windy days (9:41) and how to make that delicious Guinness Mushroom Sauce (11:34). Then Malcom talks about how impressed he was with the Butcher Shoppe in Pensacola (21:18), the delicious briskets and tri tips we served up while we were there (22:44) and the amazing Denver Steaks we brought back home (27:55). Then we talk about Butcher Shops (35:28), what surprised us about The Butcher Shoppe in FL (38:03), the local shops we have in the Memphis area (40:06) and making relationships with a butcher (45:45)

Jerk Pork Belly Bites, Weber’s New Pellet Grill and BBQ Season! – Season 3: Episode 5

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk Pork Belly! Malcom really explains just how delicious Jerk Belly Bites really are (2:18), his opinion of the quality of Cheshire Pork (5:19) and the danger of cooking pork belly burnt ends (9:11). Then Malcom brags about finally getting his BBQ trailer (27:39), how impressed he was with Southern Dimension’s shop (29:28) and why it’s such a big deal (37:55). Then we talk about the pros and cons of Weber’s new Pellet Grill, SmokeFire (39:04) and start preparing for BBQ Season!(45:53)

Mississippi PoBoy, Jamaica and Eating while Traveling – Season 3: Episode 4

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about we filmed the Mississippi PoBoy recipe while packing for our trip (1:30), how Malcom screwed up a “Mississippi Pot Roast” the first time (4:09), why the smoker made it sooo good (7:20) and how to make party sliders with this recipe (9:49). Then we talked about Jamaica (20:49), the plan for Jerk Sausage (24:40) and Malcom’s guide to drinking on the beach (27:03). Then we talk about finding unique food while traveling (33:05), who is the best person to ask for local restaurant recommendations (33:27) and Malcom’s favorite travel-inspired recipe (34:10).

Voodoo Chicken Wings, Valentine’s Recipes and New Orleans Food – Season 3: Episode 3

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Mardi Gras inspired recipe, Voodoo Wings (2:10), why he loves using the Vortex for wings (3:34) and how he comes up with delicious sauces (10:23). Then we talk about how things got crazy at our last grilling class (18:40) and the seriously delicious ribeyes and tri tip we served (27:48). Next I brag on Malcom’s Valentine’s Dinner game (34:26) and what to do if you have a vegetarian valentine (37:12). Then we talk about Mardi Gras (38:48) and why Malcom really goes to New Orleans (40:01), where to find the best Chicken Sandwich (44:17), his favorite po’boy (47:05) and the Vietnamese place you have to try if you’re in the Big Easy (52:22).

Jerk Pork Chops and Cooking Authentic Recipes – Season 3: Episode 2

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we jump right in and talk about Malcom’s Jammin’ Jerk Pork Chop recipe (4:25), what gives it those jerk flavors (7:10) and Malcom’s Caribbean retirement plans (14:18). Then we talk about the Santa Maria attachment Malcom used in this video (24:02) and the history of Santa Maria Grills (24:17). Then we talk about Malcom’s Insta-Saturday (28:56). He explains how he cooked his Gold Rush Wings (29:38) and the easiest and most delicious Kansas City Ribs recipe that won the day (33:58). We talked Malcom’s Super Bowl of Jambalaya he cooked on Sunday (39:03). And we debated what makes a recipe “authentic” (45:56).

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich, The Shed Steak Cook & Football Recipes – Season 3: Episode 1

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast we talk about what Malcom got for Christmas (0:55), the 2 BBQ Classes we have scheduled in February (3:06) and the ideas Malcom has for his venison recipes (4:50). Then we talked about Malcom’s Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich video (8:36) – we went over the best part of this sandwich (10:41), why that top sirloin looked so marbled (14:18) and what we’d like to ‘sop in that juice (20:56). Then we talked about our first contest of the season, cooking SCA steaks and ribs at The Shed (26:06) and what happens when a contest gives out free beer (27:36). To wrap it up, we talked about Malcom’s plans for this weekend (35:53) and some last-minute recipe ideas for the big game (40:18).




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