Malcom Style Ribs

Malcom Style Ribs Recipe

Malcom Style Ribs Recipe

I’ve done a lot of great Rib recipes, but this one here is my all time favorite. It’s the recipe I go to whenever I get a craving for some eating ribs, and I want to do them my way… I call it Malcom Style Ribs. I start with meaty St. Louis cut spare ribs, sometimes I do cook loin back ribs but I really prefer the extra fat/marbling in the spare rib. If you want to cook loin back ribs by all means go for it. There’s no difference in the recipe. Malcom Style Ribs The membrane is removed on each rack and I trim the thin end so the slab cooks even. I’m using a 5″ Flexible Curved Boning Knife. First they get a dose of savoriness – my Killer Hogs AP Seasoning which is a combo of Salt, Black Pepper, and Garlic – the foundation of flavor! Malcom Style Ribs I give each rack a medium coat of AP Seasoning – not too heavy – and then I let that sit on the meat for 15-30 minutes. The AP Seasoning begins to work on the meat immediately pulling moisture to the surface while imparting flavor down into it. Malcom Style Ribs At this point I fire up my Gateway Drum Smoker; for me you can’t beat a slab of ribs cooked on a drum. Drum smokers allow you to cook indirect over hot coals. The distance between the cooking rack and the fire is key. It lets you smoke the meat without grilling it and you get authentic bbq flavor from the drippings hitting the fire. It’s a flavor that just reminds me of true pit bbq. I run Royal Oak Charcoal Lump in the drum. Fill the fire basket 3/4 way full and I also place a piece of aluminum foil over 1 side of the top of the basket. This creates an indirect side on the drum. I use this area to keep the bottom of the ribs from getting too dark. Before the ribs go on the pit, I throw on a chunk of Hickory and Cherry along with half a small onion. The onion is a Memphis thing and smells incredible while the meat cooks. I believe that the moisture in the onion mixes with the smoke as it chars which enhances the smoke flavor. Malcom Style Ribs Once the ribs begin to sweat, season each slab with Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub – my O.G. seasoning. This is the rub that started it all for me, and we developed it especially for pork. It builds a beautiful bark on meat and the flavors are true to BBQ…sweet, savory, and spicy all perfectly balanced. When the coals are ready on the drum, adjust the vents so it runs as 275. You can cook this recipe on any pit just keep the temperature at 275 the entire cook. Malcom Style Ribs Place the ribs on the cooking grate. One slabs goes directly over the hot coals and one goes over the area with aluminum foil over the basket. The ribs smoke for 2 hours and I spin the rack every 30 minutes giving each slab equal time over the hot coals. I also hit each slab with a spritz of water at each rotation with my BOS Sprayer. This keeps adds moisture to the top of the ribs preventing it form drying out too much. Malcom Style Ribs Once the ribs reach a mahogany color and the rub has set, it’s time to get them tender. Take them off the pit and wrap in aluminum foil. In the foil I add 1/4 cup of Killer Hogs Vinegar Sauce and lay the ribs meat side down. Malcom Style Ribs The foil is brought up and around the ribs and the ends folded up. This technique allows you to get back in them easy when it’s time to check for doneness. Malcom Style Ribs Place the ribs back on the pit stacked on top of each other over the aluminum foil side of the fire. The ribs need about an hour to get tender. After 30 minutes rotate them so each one spends time on the bottom. Check them at the hour wrap mark for doneness. Carefully open the foil, you should see draw back on the bones, the larger bones should be exposed, and the internal temperature should be around 202 degrees. All of these are great signs that the ribs are tender. Malcom Style Ribs Remove the ribs from the pit and let them vent for 10-15 minutes. To finish these Malcom Style Ribs I do them “muddy”. I use a combination of 50/50 Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce and Killer Hogs Vinegar Sauce dusted with a little Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub. Malcom Style Ribs Place each rack of ribs on a “foil boat” (you can see how I fold the boat in the video). Combine the two sauces and lightly brush it on the top of the ribs. I don’t go heavy at all just a nice shine of sauce. Then I sprinkle just a touch of The BBQ Rub over the top. The sauce melts the rub and gives it what I call a “muddy” finish. It’s not too wet and it not too dry…just perfect! Malcom Style Ribs The ribs go back on the pit for 10-15 minutes to set the sauce and then you’re ready to cut them up and enjoy. Malcom Style Ribs You can knock out a whole slab of these bad boys and you’ll still want more! Print
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Malcom Style Ribs

Malcom Style Ribs Recipe


  • 2 slabs St Louis Cut Spare Ribs
  • Killer Hogs AP Seasoning
  • Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub
  • 1 cup Killer Hogs Vinegar Sauce (reserve 1/2 cup for glaze)
  • 1/2 cup Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce


  1. Remove silver skin and excess fat from each slab of ribs
  2. Season each slab with AP Seasoning and rest for 15 minutes
  3. Prepare Drum smoker for indirect smoking at 275 degrees. Cover 1/2 of fire basket with aluminum foil. Add 1 chunk each of Hickory and Cherry wood and 1/2 small onion to hot coals before placing ribs on smoker. (Any smoker can be used for this recipe just keep the cooking temperature at 275 degrees the entire duration)
  4. Season the ribs with The BBQ Rub on all sides and rest for 15 minutes.
  5. Place the ribs on the cooking grate and cook for 2 hours. Rotate the cooking rack every 1/2 hour so each slab has equal time over the hot coals. Also spritz each slab with water every rotation for moisture.
  6. After 2 hours when the ribs have a dark, mahogany color; remove them from the smoker. Lay our a piece of aluminum foil on the counter, pour 1/4 cup Vinegar Sauce across the foil and place 1 slab of ribs meat side down on the sauce. Wrap the foil around the slab and fold the ends so you can easily get back into the wrap. Repeat this step for the other slab as well.
  7. Stack the ribs back on the pit on the opposite side of the fire. After 30 minutes swap the ribs around.
  8. After 1 hour of cooking in the wrap carefully open the ribs and check for doneness. Internal temperature should be around 202 degrees and you should see the bones starting to expose. At this point remove the ribs from the smoker and rest for 10-15 minutes.
  9. Combine 1/2 cup The BBQ Sauce and 1/2 cup Vinegar Sauce in a small bowl. Carefully place each slab or ribs on a “foil boat” and brush with the sauce mixture. Season the top of each rack with additional The BBQ Rub and return to the pit to glaze for 15 minutes.
  10. Cut the ribs into individual bones and serve.
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94 responses to “Malcom Style Ribs Recipe”

  1. Al S. says:

    Your technique of foiling half the charcoal basket is very interesting; does it affect the overall temps inside the drum, and how does it affect the burn time of the charcoal? Thanks!

  2. Brian says:

    Man, I was just blown away when I looked up the cost of one of those Gateway barrel smokers. I always assumed they were inexpensive compared to other cookers. Serious question… what makes them so pricey?

    Another great video. Thanks!

    • John says:

      Labor. You can make one yourself fur under $100 if you can sourcea usable barrel with parts from the hardware store. With the Gateway its custom parts with a professional finish. Diy won’t look as sleek but way cheaper.

  3. Tom Albrecht says:


    All your Rib recipes are knock out !

  4. Gary Riesgaard says:

    Look Good?

  5. Chris Baddams says:

    Hi, would you use a water bath in an offset smoker for these?

    • Malcom Reed says:

      You can – but I’m not a fan of using a water pan in non-water smokers. It doesn’t really add anything – but it can prevent a nice bark from forming.

  6. ROB Phillips says:

    Just made Malcom style ribs. They turned out fantastic fricken tastic, but I truly would have preferred loin backs… I know fat adds flavor, but I like when you can eat everything besides the bone. Just too many chunks of stuff for me. I did trim them up, but would advise following the same recipe with baby backs. Thanks again Malcom, for yet another amazing rib recipe!

  7. Brian Dole says:

    Looks awesome
    Can I use a regular stand up gas smoker?

  8. jody martin says:

    can you recommend a good sprayer that will not clog ? I mix my bbq sauce with white grape juice 2/3 sauce 1/3 juice and I have to spray 30 or so racks at a time . my main problem is the sprayer clogging. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS,

  9. Mike Landry says:

    Awesome looking ribs bro!

  10. Phil Casello says:

    Looking great

  11. Danny Vernon says:

    Find your recipes very interesting, always looking for new ways for ribs. Thank you

  12. JRG says:

    Malcolm, going to try my hand at the MSRs. I use a WSM smoker. I fill the water pan and wondering if that acts like the half foil method you suggest. Also, I have all the ingredients you use except the KH’s Vinegar Sauce. How would I make that on the fly? Thanks, JRG.

  13. Kenny Herron says:

    I Tried on a river grill and they were excellent

  14. Rich says:

    Looks good, can’t wait to try. I like to add brown sugar to my rub. Could you add it at the beginning or should i wait until I foil them.


  15. Steve swanson says:

    Hey There,

    I enjoy you videos! Five star smoking! Where did you get the spritzer?


  16. Douglas Edwards says:

    I made these ribs tonight. Served with corn on cob and my Mom’s “Pea” salad. These were by far the best and easiest ribs I have every tried. Malcom you sauces and rubs are AWESOME.

  17. Scott Smith says:

    I see you smoked these ribs on a drum smoker. Would you do anything different on a Traeger ( time and temperature wise)?

    • Malcom Reed says:

      No, you can smoke great ribs on the pellet. Just hold the temps steady and go by color and tenderness instead of just time. Wrap the ribs when they have the right color and take them out of the wrap when they are tender.

  18. Steven says:

    Hey Malcom i love the videos. I’ve made this rib recipe a few times and it came out great every time. I did it recently on my Kamado Joe classic 3 grill and by far the best flavored ribs I’ve had.

    My question is if i use a rib rack accessory for more slabs of ribs (essentially on its side), will it affect the cook/flavor? Considering this recipe calls for a meat down cook when its wrapped. Thanks in advance!

  19. Tim Story says:

    I have made ribs for my family (daughters, husbands, grandkids, 13 of us) several times before. These Malcolm style ribs were a big hit! My family always likes ribs but they said they really liked this recipe! All the ribs were gone and they were looking for more. My grandson even wants me to make him some for his 6th birthday! Thanks Malcolm, keep the great recipes coming!!

    • Tim Story says:

      Sorry Malcom, I’m an idiot, I spelled your name wrong. I’m a moron, but I love your cooking!

  20. A. W. says:

    Mr. Reed I just want to say this recipe for St. Louis spares changed the game at my house. This is just a great style and you’re right, when you just want to eat some delicious ribs this is the way! I don’t have a drum but I ran one rack on my big green egg, with platesetter but no water, and did everything else exactly to your spec and they turned out perfectly.

  21. Pas says:

    Are the named Degrees in celcius of fahrenheit? In Europe we use Celcius

  22. Adam says:

    Hey Malcom,

    I’m going to do these on my Weber kettle for Memorial Day. How long you figure I need them on there before I foil them? 2 hours? What indicators tell me it’s time to foil them? Is there a temperature they should reach that tell me they are ready for the foil? Thanks Malcom!

    • Malcom Reed says:

      You don’t want to just go by time. You want to wrap when they have the right color (and the rub has completely set). Then you want to cook them in the wrap until they are tender. I go to 202 internal – but you can check for how they feel, pullback, etc.

  23. Paul Womack says:


    I got to meet you at an event at The Butcher Shoppe in Pensacola a couple of months ago. I have a Big Green Egg XL and am just really starting to get the hang of it. I have used two or your recipes recently. Your simple pork butt recipe and Malcolm Style Ribs.
    I did two butts when I made the pulled pork, my first attempt, and took it to 6 or 7 families from our church that were having a rough spot about three weeks ago. The amazing thing that happened is that several of the people said it was the best pulled pork they had ever had. I did not know some of the folks so it was a pretty honest comment.
    Yesterday I did Malcom Style Ribs. Again the first time I have ever made ribs. They were incredible and truly the best ribs I have ever eaten. My 89 year old mother took a couple, really to be polite, she later said, “Ribs are ok but I have never gone out of my way for them. Those ribs were amazing”.
    This just goes to prove the old saying – It ain’t what you know. It is who you know! I am a novice BBQ guy but I know where to find your recipes!
    Thank you so much.
    God bless.

  24. Moty says:

    Hi Melcom,
    your videos are really fantastic. i just received yesterday my GMG smoker and first thing i am going to prepare your Melcoms Style Ribs. i found your recipe for the Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce and for the Killer Hogs Dry Rub , but i couldn’t find the recipe of the Vinegar Sauce.
    it’s very hard to find or to ship in those times from USA.
    i will really appreciate if you can give me the recipe.
    thank you very much and keep safe,

  25. Mike says:

    I made these ribs 2 weeks in a row. The first week was with “splurge” heritage breed spare ribs… it was absolutely amazing following this recipe on my Primo Oval XL.

    The second week I made them with normal Costco ribs, and they still came out great (of course the ribs weren’t quite as good as the high end stuff).

    I’ve made several different variations of ribs (Memphis style dry, all smoked without wrapping, Texas-style, KC style, etc.) since I started smoking/BBQing over the last 2 years, and this one is my favorite.

  26. Dan says:

    Smoked these baby’s this past weekend for my niece’s birthday. They were a huge hit. Used some pecan wood and the Killer Hog sampling pack I gifted myself for an early Father’s Day. The “muddy ribs” are now my go to.

  27. Steve says:

    Great Ribs

  28. Quentin says:

    Hello, is there a specific type of rib you are using in your video?

  29. Tim says:

    Love what you are doing Malcom! Have made many of your recipes and love them all. If you are making 4 or 5 racks in the drum, how do you do it when it comes to doing the boats at the end? They won’t all fit.

  30. Chris Dennis says:

    Malcom these are fantastic. Now top my list of ways to make ribs. I would love to see an adaptation to make these New Mexico Style using Hatch Red Chilies ? to season.

  31. Paul Kemner says:

    I have a bullet smoker, could I cook these Malcom ribs without the water pan?

  32. Jon says:

    Another awesome recipe and process. Thank you.

  33. Paul Shults says:

    I got the ribs. I got the knives. I got the Killer Hogs seasoning and sauces. I got the smoker, the charcoal and the cherry and hickory. I got the WSM 22.5 smoker and your recipe. Just cooked my first batch of Malcolm Style Ribs. These are the kind of ribs I like to eat too!
    Fantastic, even for a 1st time newbie. Thanks Sir.
    Paul Shults

  34. Jim H says:

    WOW, Malcom. Just WOW!

    Dusting with salt, pepper and garlic prior to the rub made a huge difference in the outcome. The ribs were the best I have ever made. Maybe even the best that I have ever had.

    I used somewhat different technique since I smoked the ribs on my Big Green Egg. My setup was indirect with drip pan under the entire rack of ribs.


  35. Matt says:

    I just gave this a whirl on my egg and they were the best ribs I’ve ever made, even though I generally prefer Memphis ‘dry’ style. Any reason I couldn’t use this recipe with baby-backs? I’m guessing I would just expect to adjust the unwrapped cook time? Thanks for all you do, homey.

  36. brian mcduff says:

    Man. Sportstalk Mississippi turned me on to Malcolm and his cooking. Hadad suggested it to my group of friends. I finally have a smoker and I did this the first time on it and it was fantastic. Thanks Malcolm and Thanks Hadad for turning me on to this site. Now I just need some Welcome Home Beef to do a Brisket.

  37. Chris says:

    Malcom, you are The Man…Your recipes are always a hit and always turn out amazing. Thank you!
    I’m making Malcom Style Ribs today – can’t wait to dig into the finished product!

  38. Tony Burr says:

    I am new to smoking, or cooking at all. I tried these ribs and they came out great. I am really enjoying smoking meats. Malcolm, your videos make is so easy to get involved with smoking. I use a DIY barrel smoker with a Pit master temperature regulator thing. Keeps my temps steady.

    Keep up the great work, Malcolm. You the man!

  39. Sam T says:

    These ribs look outstanding. I did you Texas-style butt recently and it was money.

    I’d like to smoke some ribs, but with minimal to no rub or sauce. Many Vietnamese soups call for ribs that are boiled and simmered during the cooking process and of course the meat is very tender when it’s done. I’d like to smoke some spare ribs separately and add them to the soup at the end. So my question is: What general recommendations would you have for smoking St Louis style ribs with nothing more than salt and pepper? I’m speaking in terms of temps, wrapping, basting etc. I have a large BGE. Thank you, sir.

    • Malcom Reed says:

      I would cook them the same way as you normally would but maybe take them off the pit a little sooner and let them finish in the soup. Let us know how they turn out!

  40. Nick says:

    Please tell me more about that onion on the fire.
    I love grilled onion as it is a staple at every grilled meal.
    The smell of the caramelized burnt sugars are magical to my senses.
    Does this really flavor the meat while smoking?
    I have some beef plate ribs and pork spares ready to go for sun (july 19th) and many onions at me disposal.

  41. Matthew says:

    This recipe is straight fire. Haters can go eat hamburgs.

  42. Landon says:

    I am doing this recipe for my next rib cook! I have been wanting to do a recipe that is more of an “eatin’ rib”/backyard style rib instead of the super rich comp ribs that are made for the one bite. This looks like the ticket! I think I’ll do a rack with your Hot Rub as well! I just bought your AP, BBQ Rub, Hot Rub, Vinegar Sauce, and BBQ Sauce. This would give me a way to use it all?

  43. Matt says:

    If I’m cooking this recipe on the egg, would you still recommend foiling over one side of the coals? Is the distance from coals to grate an issue on the egg?

  44. Thomas Rose says:

    Big fan of your products and wondered if letting the ribs brine longer in the AP rub would make any difference. Thinking 2 hours or possibly overnight, then apply BBQ rub(in my case Hot) and put them in the smoker?


  45. Peter LoFaso says:

    Hey Malcom, great video as always, I’ve already tried a few of your recipes. I’m dying to try these ribs on my weber Smokey mountain smoker but I’m wondering about how I would simulate your half foil method on that particular smoker? Would covering half of the bottom grate have the same effect? I have a large water pan that I typically fill 3/4 way with water when smoking ribs, will that affect the foil method in anyway? Thanks for your help and keep the videos coming!

  46. Mike G says:


    Do you recommend placing the ribs over direct heat (perhaps high in the dome) when using a large Big Green Egg? Or is it better to cook it indirectly when not using a barrel smoker?

  47. Peter LoFaso says:

    Hey Malcom, love the recipes I have already made a few of your other rib recipes with great success. I’m dying to try these but I have one question. I have a weber smoker mountain smoker, where would I place that piece of foil that you used over the firebox? Would I cover half of my water pan with foil or should I cover half of my lower grate with foil? Thanks man

  48. Eric says:

    Love the simplicity of this recipe. Perfect backyard cook for family and friends. Today was the third time I’ve made these and each theme better! Love your site and products! Big fan, THANKS!!!

  49. samuel cottrell says:

    i loved the taste and color

  50. Ash says:

    Big fan finally got around to getting your sauces and rubs in Australia, turned out fantastic can’t wait to have them again

  51. Daniel R says:

    G’day Malcom,

    Cooked these up yesterday in my bullet smoker and used your foil over the heat source. Have to say this was an absolute game changer – having the meat drip straight onto the heat source as compared to having the water pan in really added an extra level of flavour, and temps were still super simple to maintain.

    Can’t wait to cook more of your stuff, thanks again!

  52. Lesley says:

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! Quick question though: With the drum smoker you cover half the basket with foil and rotate the ribs every half hour. If I’m using a Big Green Egg with my heat deflector plate, does the my charcoal basket still need to be half covered?

  53. Mike says:

    Did these today using Malcom’s BBQ rub for the first time. Came out tender and flavorful. The family loved them! Thanks Malcom!

  54. Carl says:

    Those look wonderful. Can’t wait to try this

  55. Anna Ridge says:

    Hey Malcom!

    Never grilled before, I’ve heard great stuff about this recipe from a friend, so I’d like to try it out. I have a Weber Charcoal Grill, would that work for this recipe? If so, how open should I keep the vents?

  56. Craig says:

    You didn’t mention it in the video, but it looks like you are using some sort of a temp control fan system on one of your drum intakes. If so, which one do you use?

  57. Craig Romero says:

    Another home run recipe! My family loved it. Keep them call me Malcolm!

  58. Dean P says:

    This is my new go to rib recipe for friends and family. Ribs come out super tender, most of the time the bones are falling out when I am pulling them off after glazing! Family always raves, this is a super recipe. Write it down and pass it along.

  59. Chuck says:

    Malcolm, lord have mercy your website and YouTube are SO PERFECT. Thanks for all of this, really next level stuff, I’m opening a BBQ joint soon myself, you helped push me along to get it done.

  60. Mike Guzman says:

    Can you do this recipe on a Oklahoma joe’s bronco?

  61. Peggy says:

    Love this! My husband kept going back for more, so I love you for that! I have the BBQ rub but I had to go with my own sauce. I made it on a Traeger and at the 2 hour mark they seemed much more done than yours. Ended up a little fall off the bone this time (which is ok because it wasn’t bad and still good eating). My little Traeger can have the temp skip around at times so it’s hard to hold it steady. Still going to be my go-to method going forward… just gonna have to check them sooner. I’m a Newbie – still learning how to judge by look and feel but I’m on the right track! You’re my go-to guy!

  62. Eric says:

    Great recipe and the only thing I like is spraying them with Dr. Pepper at each turn.. Kids love the sweet flavor..

  63. Andy says:

    I have made these 3 times and compared to other recipes (3 baby backs in one pack at Sams so I do 1 this way and 2 other experiments) and I will say – hands down this is the best recipe of the 6 I have compared it too, even other rib recipes of Malcolm and Heath Riles. JUST MAKE THEM!

    Pellet grill with Amazing pellet smoker

  64. Luke says:

    Excellent way to cook ribs

  65. Misha says:

    Those ribs are looking fantastic!

    2 questions:

    Is it possible to make something like this in an oven?

    Is it possible to smh import those amazing rubs to Russia??

    Much respect!

  66. Phil Becker says:

    Great recipe. The ribs turned out AMAZING!


  67. Joe Iacino says:

    I made these yesterday on my weber, my first cook on my grill!

    They were damn good, but i think i held the temp too low. I was holding about 275. I didn’t get the pull back on the ribs, but hey my first go at it. I’ll try 300+ next time!

  68. Luke says:

    Awesome recipe

  69. JD says:

    Incredible as usual Malcom!

  70. Wow! Just fantastic looking ribs! I’m going to have to try the foil boat trick you used at the end to keep my ribs from overcooking on the smoker. Also, just tried your Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub and it was the perfect seasoning for the pork belly I made!

  71. John D says:

    Awesome ribs, that’s for sharing this recipe

  72. Ginny says:

    Can e make these ribs in the oven?

  73. Trey says:

    Fantastic ribs, great rubs and sauces, and excellent tutorials. Thank you Malcom!

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