Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

When it comes to BBQ nothing beats a good, simple, pulled pork sandwich. For me, pork butt or pork shoulder blade roast, as it’s sometimes called, makes the best pulled pork. Anyone can smoke a pork butt and this recipe is a guaranteed “no fail” method on how I do it. First let’s talk about the pork butt. It’s actually not a “butt” at all. It’s the upper section of the hog’s shoulder. The lower section is called the picnic roast and the upper is the pork butt. If you see them joined together it’s simply the “whole pork shoulder”. Pulled Pork Sandwich This pork butt came from The Butcher Shoppe, but you can find pork butt in just about every grocery store, warehouse club (Sams or Costco), or from your butcher. The price is usually around $2 per lb but many times a year pork butt goes on sale for .99 cents. This is when I try to stock a few in the freezer because these roasts freeze well; and after a short time in the fridge, they’re just as good as the day you bought it. My “never fail” technique for pork butt is simple. I start with a light coat of mustard on the pork butt. The mustards acts as a binder to make the rub stick to the meat. It doesn’t do much in the flavor department and you’ll never know that it’s there once the butt is done; but what it does do is lets you see any spots where you may have missed seasoning. For the seasoning you can use any dry rub; I use my Killer Hogs Hot Rub because it has plenty of spice and enough salt and sugar to make a really great bark. That’s all the seasoning I use, no injection, no layering, just a good dose of Hot Rub. Pulled Pork Sandwich You do need a smoker to create really good pulled pork. It doesn’t have to be fancy; any type smoker will do even a grill set up for indirect cooking. The main thing here is you have to be able to control the temperature. Great Pulled Pork takes time, and that means keeping the temp steady. For me my drum smoker makes the best tasting pulled pork. The big difference in it and my other pits is as the fat renders it drips on the coals below. This produces authentic bbq flavor and there’s no substitute for it. Pulled Pork Sandwich I run my drum with Royal Oak lump charcoal and use wood for flavor. You could use any wood but hickory is my absolute favorite. I also use cherry which adds a slightly sweet flavor and mixes well with the hickory. For pulled pork I run the drum around 250 degrees. Don’t panic if it occasionally creeps up to 275 but try to hold it closer to 250 the entire cook. This is low and slow for pork butt and the fats renders without cooking the butt too fast. We want the fat to melt and for the internal temps to slowly climb towards our target temperature of 200 degrees. Pulled Pork Sandwich The butt goes on the smoker for 4 hours and I spritz it with a combo of Apple Juice and Cider Vinegar 50/50 mix. Give the butt about an hour before you start spritzing and do so every 30 minutes until the bark is set on the outside and it develops a dark mahogany color. Pulled Pork Sandwich At this point it’s ready to wrap. Set the butt in a 1/2 size aluminum pan and add 1 cup of Killer Hogs Vinegar Sauce over the butt. Cover the pan with foil and put it back on the pit. You’ll want to monitor the internal temperature from here on out. I use a Thermoworks DOT inserted through the foil into the center of the butt. Make sure you don’t hit the bone for an accurate reading. Now all you have to do is let the pit do its job. Keep an eye on smoker temp; it should stay in the 250-275 range. It’ll take about 3-4 more hours to finish out. Pulled Pork Sandwich Once the internal temp on the pork butt hits 200 internal, it’s time to glaze the bark. Carefully move the pork butt from the smoker to the counter. Know that the pan will be full of juice and it’s extremely hot. Pulled Pork Sandwich I wear cotton glove liners with nitrile gloves over the top to insulate my hands. Take the foil off and transfer the butt to a chicken rack over a sheet pan. Pulled Pork Sandwich For the glaze I use a combo of Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce and Killer Hogs Vinegar Sauce 50/50. Combine the 2 sauces and brush over the bark. Place the butt (sheet pan and all) back on the pit and let it glaze for 15-20 minutes. Take the butt off the pit and rest it for 20 minutes before shredding it by hand into pulled pork. Pulled Pork Sandwich

Now for the Pulled Pork Sandwich…

After you’ve removed the blade bone and pulled muscles you’ll have about 4 lbs of mouth-watering pulled pork. Load up the bottom half of a jumbo size burger bun with a mound of pulled pork. Pulled Pork Sandwich Drizzle some of the remaining bbq sauce over the pile of pork and top with Cole slaw. (recipe for the slaw is below). Pulled Pork Sandwich Top with the upper half of bun and you’re ready to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures – The Pulled Pork Sandwich! Print
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Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe


When it comes to BBQ nothing beats a good, simple, pulled pork sandwich. And with this recipe, anyone can smoke a pork butt with this guaranteed “no fail” method to making the perfect pulled pork sandwich. 


Cole Slaw for Pulled Pork Sandwich:

  • 1 (16 oz) bag cole slaw mix
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground celery seed
  • Combine wet ingredients in a small bowl, add cole slaw and mix well. Place in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.


  1. Prepare vertical drum smoker for indirect cooking at 250-275 degrees.  Add a couple chunks of Hickory and Pecan wood for smoke flavor.
  2. Pat the pork butt dry using paper towel.  Apply the yellow mustard to the outside in a thin layer.  Season the entire pork butt with Killer Hogs Hot Rub so that no mustard is visible.
  3. Place the pork butt on the cooking rack in the drum smoker fat side down so it renders and drips on the coals below. 
  4. Smoke the pork butt for 4 hours or until the rub has adhered to the outside and begins to turn a dark mahogany color.
  5. Place the pork butt in a 1/2 size aluminum steam pan, pour 1 cup of Killer Hogs Vinegar sauce over the pork butt, and cover the pan with aluminum foil.
  6. Insert a probe thermometer through the foil into the center of the pork butt.  Be careful not to hit the bone for accurate reading.
  7. Return the pork butt to the smoker and continue to cook until the internal temperature reaches 200 degrees.
  8. Carefully remove the pork butt from the pan and place on a wire cooling rack.  Combine 1 cup Vinegar sauce with 1 cup The BBQ Sauce and brush over the outside of the pork butt.
  9. Place the pork butt back on the smoker for 15-20 minutes to set the glaze.
  10. Remove the pork butt from the smoker once the glaze has caramelized and formed a bark.  Rest the pork butt for 15-20 minutes before pulling.
  • Cuisine: Barbecue

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55 responses to “Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe”

  1. Dan Rhodes says:

    Hey Malcolm. Did you have to add wood chunks throughout the cook?

  2. John says:

    Malcom, recipes are great, thank you for these. My problem, especially during these times, my wife and myself can’t eat all this delicious Pulled Pork. I’ve tried several methods of reheating. I’ve used apple juice to reheat. In both oven and micro. Just not the same great flavor. Any suggestions on reheating pulled pork.

  3. Dennis says:

    I think you mean pork butt can be had for 99¢ a pound, not
    .99 cents, that could be $.99

  4. Kevin says:

    I received this recipe last night (email) AND was about to start a pork butt tomorrow after it is brined with a cup of apple cider vinegar and a very small amount of tomatoe based marinade. The timing was perfect to use the recipe!
    I use Malcolm’s recipes (YouTube) for everything else! My very first recipe tried was for pork ribs several years ago followed by a turkey, plus others.
    The problem I have is by the time Killer Hogs products make it up here to Canada, the added tariffs put the msrp pretty high. We currently look at about $10 USD for a small shaker of K.H. rib rub. I make due with my own concoctions but it’s not the same.

    Thank you Malcolm for sharing your skills with all of us. I have had some pretty amazing food thanks to your ideas!


  5. Mark S says:

    Will this method work using a Big Green Egg instead of a vertical drum smoker? Looks really great and simple.

  6. Aaron says:

    hi Malcom, I have a Pit Boss pellet smoker. I was just curious if you would cook the butt fat down on that? Everywhere I look I see something different from the last, so I wanted your recommendation. Thanks for all the help!

  7. Leo Fanny says:

    Fixed this yesterday. I used light coat of Smoking Guns sweet heat and heavy coat of Meat Church honey hog. Glazed the same as you with the Killer Hogs sauces. This was the best butt I have cooked. The meat rendered perfect tender like butter has and full of juice. I also fixed the slaw and the recipe is spot on.

  8. Matt says:

    Malcom, if you push the temps down to 225 and let it go longer, (still up to 200 internal) are there any downsides?

  9. Drew Willhite says:

    Hey Malcom!!!

    Just got your AP, Steak Rub, and Hot BBQ along with your Vinegar and The BBQ sauce. Had ribeyes last night and did the full pulled pork today!!!! WOW! Great products and videos! I enjoy watching you and learning more and more!!

  10. Todd Pals says:

    I’m so glad my Killer Hog’s Sampler Pack showed up today, I will be making this recipe Sunday! Thanks for everything you do Malcom.

  11. Mark Rasmussen says:

    Hey Malcom, will this cooking procedure work with a 22″ Weber Smokey Mountain? No water pan at all? I have always left the water pan inside, even if I wasn’t using any water. I have never tried removing the pan completely and having the meat exposed to the coals at the bottom.

    • Malcom Reed says:

      I only use a water pan if it’s a water cooker. But if it’s a water cooker, I always use the water pan for low and slow cook.

    • Danny Loschert says:

      Just like you I am using a water pan smoker and have always used it with water, got my answer cause Mr Malcome says to let the fat render and drip on the hot coals !!! We’ll see how it turns out in a few hours !!!

  12. Ben says:

    Is there any reason you wouldn’t put the aluminum pan in an electric cabinet smoker? Thanks!

  13. Chris castellini says:

    Malcom – your recipes, sauces, and rubs are amazing. I love the podcast as well. Cant thank you enough!

  14. Scott says:

    On a green egg, would you still place the butt fat side down?

  15. Britt says:

    This was best. I’ve done it before but never followed this recipe to the letter and I have to say – it was the best I have done! 95% of it was gone that evening and we finished it off with some scrambled eggs the next morning and another sandwich that afternoon. So GOOD! Looking for your smoked brisket cooked with wood/coal.

  16. John says:

    Hey Malcom,

    How long should you let the dry rub work its way in before you start smoking it and should you wrap the butt in plastic wrap after you dry rub it? Thanks for your answers and all that you do.

    • Malcom Reed says:

      I usually just apply the rubs and allow it sit on the counter and come up to room temp (30-45 min) But you can apply it a few hours ahead and allow it to sit in the fridge.

  17. Sean says:

    I went 250-265 for 4 1/2 hours unwrapped fat side down in my masterbuilt electric smoker. Using pecan and cherry spritizing every 30 min after untouched on smoker for 2 hours. The bark still hasn’t set. What am I doing wrong?

  18. Douglas says:

    Hey Malcom,
    Could you smoke a brisket the same way by putting it in an aluminum pan and covering with AL foil instead of wrapping it? I want to be able to save the juices.

    • Malcom Reed says:

      yep. We do that in competition bbq all the time. then I pour those juices in a fat separator and mix the good stuff with a little bbq sauce… nothing better to serve with brisket.

  19. Brian Hickman says:

    Malcom, I just want to say thank you for introducing me and my family to such a wonderful hobby. We have made so many of your recipes, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. These BBQ sandwiches are a top pick at my house – I’ve got a pork butt on my Weber Summit right now! Your products are out of this world and we are addicted to your channel. Thanks for turning me into a weekend hero with family and friends. Hope to meet you someday. All the best!

  20. Stephen says:

    This is a great recipe! We followed your recipe even using your products ( I just ordered more). We smoked a 5.5 pound butt on a PK using Royal Oak hardwood briquettes. This has become a new family favorite. We had plenty of extra so we made pulled pork nachos one night and pulled pork pizzas with the rest.

  21. Richard Duvall says:

    Two more delicious recipes Malcom . I used my leftover pork/slaw along with cornbread, smoked beans and garlic mashed potatoes. To layer up a quart mason jar for BBQ Sundaes. To me that’s the ultimate meal in a cup. How would you build up a Malcom Reed Style Sundae?

  22. Kevin M says:

    Came out awesome! So succulent and tender! Followed the recipe to a tee other than I maintained my temp at 225 rather than 250. Love the recipes and products, my man!

  23. Bill Grigg says:

    Got any places in the uk that hold your stock?

    • We do not have a distributor in the UK, but we are working hard to make it available soon. However, we have just learned about a third party shipping company that has the ability to get our products to you. You can find out more information about them and how it works here: http://www.MyUS.com. We have had a few international customers use them to ship our products to them all over the world and have been pleased with their services.

  24. John Moran says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe Malcom! Easiest and best pulled pork I ever made! I used a weber smokey mountain charcoal smoker! A friend of mine who is bbqing professionally uses your recipes as well!

  25. Matt M says:

    I made this pulled pork on a weber gas grill. Used a smokist pouch with wood, indirect heat set up like Malcolm’s ribs on a gas grill. Came out perfect! Couldn’t tell it wasn’t on a smoker. Bone came right out, even had a hanger to eat like Malcolm’s. Thank you so much. Making BBQ has been awesome this summer since I discovered this site.

  26. Ken F says:

    Thanks for the great videos, I’ve done your competition ribs, spatch cock chicken and brisket recipes. I’m doing this one along with the baked beans recipe tomorrow on my Pit Boss. We love your videos and spices. Even bough the knives on my last order. Big fans here in Delaware.

  27. Mark says:

    Do you recommend to brine the butt prior to cooking? Or is that not really needed? Or will that help the cook and or taste? Thoughts?

  28. Chad Sem says:

    Malcom is the king of the Q!

  29. Joe says:

    If I am making this for a party ahead of time, what do you think the best order to put it in the faux cambro cooler would be? Should I smoke it up to 200F, then put it into the cooler close to party time then glaze and throw back on smoker, or do I do everything including the glaze then put it in cooler?


  30. Justin says:

    Thanks Malcolm. How long did this cook take you to get the butt to 200 degrees? I have a 8 lb butt and want to make sure I have an accurate cook time so I can plan accordingly. I plan on cooking at 250 on a pitboss pellet smoker (pro series 1100)

  31. Bruce says:

    Hi Malcom,

    Would you recommend holding the butt in a dry cooler for an 1hr or 2 before glazing?


  32. Patrick R Thomas says:

    Any substitute for the vinegar sauce? I love your recipes!

  33. Chad says:

    How do you get the drippings from the meat to create smoke by hitting the coals if this is an indirect cook? I’m using a placesetter on a Green Egg.

  34. Rick says:

    Making this recipe today, general question when smoking meat…after grill / smoker comes close to temp and you add your wood you immediately get white smoke. I have read you should wait until the smoke turns blue before adding the meat, is that correct?

  35. Sean says:

    Hi Malcom,

    If I do not have a cooling rack that fits my small smoker, what is a good substitute?

  36. Jonathan Wald says:

    I am a fairly new follower of Malcom’s but am hooked. He’s the best! I just smoked this recipe on my PBC and we all felt like we died and went to heaven. I’ve never had barbecue that delicious!! The coleslaw on top was perfect too. Another winner, Malcom!! You hit it out of the park with this one, just like ever other recipe of yours I have tried. Thank you for all you do. I’m looking forward to trying many more.

  37. Art Stein says:

    What a great recipe! I made this on Sunday and a 9 pound shoulder with the coleslaw was devoured within a 1/2 hour. Thanks for all your great recipes and sharing them with all of us!

  38. Adam Mrozowski says:

    About how long will it take a 9lb butt to get to the 200 degrees after the initial 4 hour smoke when using 250-275 degrees?

  39. bryan says:

    This guy is like Bob Ross of BBQ.
    So much passion and churning out amazing BBQ. I’ve been watching him for a couple years on youtube and following recipes and I’m never disappointed in the results. He’s the Jesus and the smoker is the holy temple!

    keep on keepin on brotha

  40. Mike says:


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